I don’t get Morning Wood

I can’t remember the last time having morning wood or waking up with an erection. I can get hard on my own and get hard sometimes with her until the moment comes and I get anxious and then can’t get it up.
But I don’t get morning wood. Is this a sign of an actual physical issue rather than mental ?


Curious to hear about this one too, I rarely get morning wood anymore as well. Might be a sleep and work stress factor I’m thinking.


That is interesting, I wake up several times a night and in the morning with an erection almost every day. But then I can barely get a semi when playing around with it myself or with my partner without meds. I’m 60. My husband who is 58 never gets morning wood anymore but is rock solid whenever he needs to be for intimacy purposes. That makes me believe that it’s not really relative, but it may be. I just wanted to share my experience if at all helpful.


isn’t that something we’re loosing with age? I used to get morning wood every morning in my 20s and early 30s, now in my 40s it happens only occasionally… I’m starting shock wave therapy to get my penis’ vascular system boost, let’s see how it’s going to be with mornings after that…

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I’m 22 years old though.

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I got the exact same thing. I’m 20 years old and rarely wake up with morning wood but can always get an erection when I want by myself. I have the same issue of being able to be erect with her until the nerves come and I can’t stop thinking. It might be an idea to check your testosterone levels, that’s something I’m going to do very soon. I’m pretty active, going to the gym and training MMA multiple times a week. I also take vitamin D tablets in the morning and try to eat a lot of protein but it hasn’t really solved the issue (if it is one).

Yeah same here , I train 4/5 a week , boxing and BJJ , I also take ashwaghanda and Vitamins which haven’t seem to make a difference , and also getting Testosterone levels checked to make sure that’s all correct. I sleep decently and can’t see what else to do other than make sure testosterone levels aren’t too low and hopefully that is the resolution

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Yeah, sleep isn’t an issue for me either. It sounds like we have an extremely similar thing, I don’t know about you but I’ve googled it a bunch and nothing really useful has come up that would directly link to the situation. Again, it probably is a good idea to get the testosterone levels checked but I can’t seem to think it’s a physical issue if I can get erect whenever I want by myself. I’ve had a few problems with erections with my girlfriend, where sometimes i would be hard and then it would go and I couldn’t get it back. Or other situations when I would be mentally turned on but with no erection. I’d be interested to know if you’ve had some of the same issues. There’s been a couple times I’ve had sex with no issues but I’d say I’ve had issues more than not

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I had a girlfriend for 5 years and there were times I was turned on and nothing would happen and it got worse as time went on but there were also times it was fine. The girl I’m seeing now is really understanding but it would be nice to get morning wood and know for a fact that my testosterone levels are normal or not so I can dictate why it’s not happening ,

I agree we have almost identical situations

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In that case, whenever you get your testosterone levels checked, give an update because I won’t be able to get mine checked until after my exams which are in May. Also, I’d be interested to know if telling your girlfriend helped, that’s something that was on my mind. I imagined telling her would relieve a lot of the pressure so I’d be interested to know if that helped you? And anything else that may have helped too!

Hi mate, will be sure to keep you updated.

I broke up with my 5 year relationship last year and I’m seeing someone new now. It’s hard dating when you have an issue like this so I told her after a quite a dew dates and was completely honest with her which gave me relief in the situation for a couple reasons.

1 . She doesn’t question why sometimes I act turned on but not physically showing it , she understands and I’ve told her after 3 weeks once I can get test level checked it should hopefully be resolved

  1. It’s reassuring to know the person you’re with can look over something like this. If you genuinely like/love that person they would accept and resolve this issue beside you.

This girl I’ve seen for 3/4 weeks and we haven’t slept together cause of it. But she has miraculously seen past that and as I’ve been honest she likes that.


Have you tried any supplements? I was in my early 30s and didn’t think much of not waking up with morning wood. Now 40.

At one point, it hit me, “what the heck happened?” This isn’t normal. So I tried a few and came up with a panax ginseng, L-arganine, maca root, aswaganda, Turkesterone+, and Tonkat Ali, combo taken twice daily that gives me the best morning wood and I feel like I’m 20 again!

They also improved my constant feeling of fatigue and have really increased my mental capacity and awareness.

I am also with a woman whom I was open and honest with, and she received it very well and is willing to work through it with me. It took some courage, but man, was it a relief!

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Have you guys gotten to the kegel / pelvic floor exercises? I found my morning wood returned after years of only sporadic occurrence.

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