Loss of Morning Erections

I don’t get morning wood anymore. Probably stopped getting it in my mid thirties. Is this something others have experienced? Should I be worried?

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Checking if you have morning erections can help to indicate if your problem is physical or psychological. The idea being that if you are getting erections then physically your penis is working.

However its super unreliable and for many men they won’t notice if they have morning erections or it might not be happening at the point you wake up. Guys will have between three and five erections a night.

The same theory applies for just getting an erection at other points in your life. Do you get erections when you masturbate or at any other point throughout the day?

Either way its good to see a doctor and check that physically you are healthy to put your mind at ease.

my joining mojo allowed me to reflect on my body’s sexual health history and I realized that I haven’t experienced a morning erection in nearly 2 years, if not longer. I didn’t know that this could be an indicator of a sexual health problem but have joined mojo (28 years old) to trace the root of this issue. The exercises and content suggest that I may have lost my body’s natural arousal responses due to prolonged porn use among other issues. Do you struggle with depression / anxiety? or can attest to using porn most times you masturbate? If you find that you can get erect at other times of the day / through other stimuli, perhaps its a psychological issue that you merely need to trace and resolve! best of luck finding answers

Among many other things, it would be worth getting your hormones checked. Once I started supporting my health through exercise, diet, and some natural supplements, morning wood is back. (Still having performance anxiety related ED.) I’m stunned at how much I was able to raise testosterone through these natural means.