No morning wood?

34 YO male. I want to determine to what extent my ED is physiological or physical. I understand how anxiety in the bedroom with a partner might cause ED. However, I wake up with morning wood very, very infrequently (less than once a month). This makes me wonder if my issue is more physical—like, how could I be anxious when I’m asleep, alone? I don’t feel much of an inner critic when I’m getting intimate with a partner—rather, more engaged, happy, and excited—but I still experience ED. With personal criticism or performance anxiety less possible when I’m asleep, why do I never wake up hard? Could this indicate a physical issue?


Can’t hurt to get a blood test for Testosterone levels, insurance usually covers it once per year. I thought the same 32 YO male but turns out it’s physiological for me.

Absolutely get checked by doctor for any physical/hormonal concerns.

I have found the pelvic floor exercises and reverse kegals in Mojo have made a big difference - from can’t recall waking with morning wood to now feeling i’m woken by it. Well i feel it is those as as you say other mental thoughts less likely during sleep perhaps ( can have turn off dreams though).

These exercises may help and unlikely to cause any harm either.


I’m 32. Have the same issue. Really rarely have morning wood. Have done all the blood work (testosterone, thyroid function tests, cortisol, LH, cholesterol, blood sugar…). It was all in normal range.
I think is more psychological than physical


I wonder how important morning wood is anyway - is not having them actually an issue - we seem to think so but @Mojo is there anything in this?

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I dont necessarily wake up every morning with morning wood, but I do get erections during the night. Some nights more than others. Sometimes, when I wake up at night to go to the toilet, I can have an erection but I can lose it quicker than before. I’ve run tests, and all has come out normal. It’s psychological for me, and the exercises on Mojo are helping.

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Ive mostly thought morning wood was more due to bladder pressure and less due to actual arousal. Sometimes I’ll wake up and feel I had an erotic dream and have an erection but most often I’ll urinate and it’ll go away. Until recently this didn’t stop me from engaging in morning sex anyways, just took a minute to rearouse myself.

Yeah I think this is a part of it - certainly need to soften to urinate and my wood goes after. But yes, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy using it sexually!

I have become more aware of morning woods since starting mojo and they feel more erotic than in the past possibly due to the mojo work I guess keeping arousal in my mind and increasing body awareness.

“Until recently”??