Neuro pathways and erections

I feel like my penis goes numb before sex in anticipation to perform and get an erection. I think this is there neuro pathway and masterbating because it is hard for me to get erect alone with soft touch. Anyone got advice?

Ive started masturbating without porn or any visuals. Just darkness and maybe some music. Not having any mental or visual stimulation helps you get back in touch with your body by focusing on the sensations your feeling. Then you’re able to try different things to see what your body responds to. The important part is getting out of your head and back into your body to experience this. Also helps to reconnect your mind and body so they’re on the same page again.


I second that. I’ve started masturbating exclusively with no external visual stimulation, just my hands and thoughts. I’ve discovered how amazing it can be, I can now get super aroused through just touch and not even just touch on my penis, I can get aroused through caressing my head and neck, my chest, my thighs. The whole experience is so much more enjoyable than when I use porn and the orgasm is far more intense.

Try the directed masturbation and the solo sensate exercises, they’re a game changer.


I would be careful with analysing your penis with neuroscience especially when you try to fap or have sex. It can be a very strange red pilled habit (from personal experience, still recovering).

I would say try using your ‘sexual bank’ and masturbate normally, ‘focusing’ on how enjoyable it feels rather than the numbness. It should return back to normal.

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I agree with the previous comments. Once I’ve got my E.D… sorted out I will try “mindfulness masterbation”.
Thanks for your thoughts :thinking:

Thanks so much! What do you think about during sexual experiences to get you out of your head