Maybe a physical issue too?

I’ve had this dilemma where I’ve always thought it was a mental issue that I struggled to get hard. But when I think about it, I’m not convinced I have a fully hard erection even when I’m masterbaring alone.

This is a bit of a revelation. But I don’t know where to go from here. I still think the mental side plays a part but i’m convinced I can’t even achieve a full erection when I’m relaxed in my own company.

I worry there is something else underlying? Blood issues (investigating this), or perhaps even something like Peyronie’s ? Hard to judge that as you need a full erection to easily see…… ironic!

I haven’t had a positive sex experience for 5+ years. Hope I fix this. Definitely losing hope.

I feel like it can certainly still be mental. I have masturbated and climaxed in less than an erect state. Usually when I’m in a distracted setting, or when there is a chance I might be caught doing so. I completely get not being able to just shut the mind off. This is my first day in the program and I’m really looking forward to delving deeper into the inner critic and learning how to quiet my mind and be in the moment.

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Is it always helpful to check both possibilities. Go to your doctor and get a check! if he does he job right he’ll do a physical exam and a blood test. Better to know and have more options forward right. And even if he finds nothing, then at least you know it’s only mental right!

I once was so addicted to porn that I would masturbate aggressively and ejaculate within a minute or two before I even got hard. My suspicion is that it wasn’t very healthy for me since it was making my body used to something that doesn’t really occur during sex. From then on I always made sure I could get myself completely hard before even trying to cum.

Don’t lose hope, it is still mental even when you’re alone in a “relaxed” state, your mind is still making you nervous about it! You will get over it