What kind of conflict or arguments do you need to work on?

My partner and I are in a really good place right now and never fight. But I know that day will come, so it’s important to be proactive now and ensure that we are on the same team and that our first fight won’t be the end of our relationship.

I need to be a better listener to my wife and be more attentive to her feelings and needs. I especially need to control my temper when arguing and use the methods taught in this lesson

I need to continue to work with my gf to be more open and communicative with me. She hasn’t done that throughout her life but it is important to me she isn’t closed down. Equally, I need to create a self space for her to be able to do that

Not avoiding or suppressing conflict - and dealing with it better when it comes up rather than being at risk of exploding.

My partner always make some sort of problems and we end up having arguments all the time, I have to send her every detail of my daily routines i have to text her all the time if not she’s gonna be mad and start having arguments

Discussing needs in a new relationship. And setting boundaries.

I can see how in the past I have been too much of a caretaker when it comes to the feelings of others, because I can generally be conflict avoidant, especially when it comes to someone I want to have an intimate relationship with.

My ex-partner is somewhat led by her emotions and struggles to adapt her expectations to reality. She would overthink and manifest on little things that would lead up to and emotional breakdown every couple of weeks. I struggled with how to respond to this and effectively communicate how it was affecting me and subconsciously contributing to me ED.

It’s tough because even when I communicate calmly she gets very defensive and ultimately upset. I’m our last discussion she kept saying she can’t do anything right and started listing other things in her life so that was end of discussion ….

If I had a partner:

  1. I want to be more free with expressing what I need to relax, not be ashamed of my anxiety and self conscious about it, this will make for better experiences

I need to not take responsibility for peoples emotions

Trying to understand my feelings and needs better. Then, try to get her focus away from her phone so we can talk.

To not avoiding a complicate and speak over everything with my partner

I need to find the courage to tell a friend that I need them to be more interested in me. Our talks are always all about him.

I need to work on identifying and expressing my needs to my partner. I hold a lot of fear and shame in sharing my needs.

No conflicts right now, but I do get tongue-tied in those raw moments because I’m thinking how to fix tbings with logic instead of engaging in emotional interchange. So improving emotional receptiveness and expression is my priority.

Being better at explaining my responses to her stress. Acknowledging how much I care about her and how hard it is for me to know I continue to be a disappointment.

Feeling neglected by my partner… but I don’t want to seem needy by asking for reassurances

I need to express my need to emotional connection more. More need to feel physical love and words of affection.

I guess arguments that are unproductive and don’t get anywhere. We need to keep having more moments where we can come back to something and discuss calmly and honestly.