What is your inner coach like?

It’s me really asservite stating points that counters my inner critics

My inner coach is a turtle and my inner critic is an intestinal worm. The worm just keeps screaming helplessly but the turtle speaks slowly and confidently like it has all the time in the world and knows everything is going to be ok.

Critic said I would be bad at sex and I’d fail. Coach said be in the present moment and just let things happen.

my inner critic - its not going to work it never will ? coach it’s going to work and you’ll have fun doing it

my inner critic - its not going to work it never will ? coach it’s going to work and you’ll have fun doing it?

I don’t know who they are, they just a voice and a thoughts.

Inner critic keep saying can you do it this time? can you do it better? Don’t let me and your partner down.

And Inner Coach say leave me alone, don’t push him hard and let me enjoy the sex.

Wow, my inner critic is an asshole. It treats others harshly, too. I don’t like it to treat others that way, and I am not going to let it treat me even worse

Both my inner coach and critic are parts of me. The critic being the self deprecating side pointing out my flaws and failures. While my coach is my confidence, me at my best, loving, compassionate and strong. I am now realizing how quiet I’ve kept my coach and had my critic running in my head doubting everything that I do. But now that my coach has a voice it can shut down the critic.

My inner coach is like a like time friend. Trustworthy and uplifting, my inner coach is there to support me and encouraging to my experiences.

It reminded me that I’ve had a lot of sex over the years, especially when I don’t focus on getting hard and am relaxed and more focussed on the experience I’m having.

My inner critic is my voice bringing up bad memories to make me worry that I’m not enough. My inner coach is also me, but jumps in to my defense and uses logic and evidence to explain why those bad memories or fears aren’t relevant anymore.

My inner critic is a square, filled with unfounded statements that I’m not good enough and I’m a failure. In comparison to my inner critic my inner coach is a circle, and is large and powerful. My inner coach reminds my inner critic that it’s reality is not the truth, which causes the cuticle to decrease in size.

“You’re going to be so nervous on the day that all you’ll hear is me”

“It’s okay to be nervous, but he’s going to be present and not in his head”

My inner critic seeks to diminish my achievements and create uncertainty. My inner coach offers reassurance and constant support and genuinely wants to see me succeed at whatever it is I put my mind to.

Coach is best version of myself, strong, relaxed, confident, witty, smiley , basically saying that everything’s fine, I’m good in these situations and it’s only even in certain states of mind or fitness perhaps I’m not. Inner critic is basically worst, most tense, anxious, panicky version of myself

My inner critic just kept telling me “you need to stay hard and not lose it” but my inner coach came back with evidence saying “it’s perfectly normal and nothing bad comes from it” my inner coach felt like a powerful force that just silenced my inner critic

You aren’t a failure until you give up

My inner critic wants me to worry, to stress out about doing it. But my inner coach has full confidence I am more than capable to do it and have fun while doing it

My inner critic is me. But my inner coach is a confident southern football coach. :man_shrugging:t3:

Inner critic: you’ll go limp again and won’t be able to have passionate sex and your girl will get fed up and leave you.
Inner coach: your girl will see your struggle and empathize, you’ll work through it together, and your relationship will be stronger for it and you’ll get excited just thinking about the next time you’re together!