What do you think about pelvic floor exercises?

I am a bit challenged doing these because I just had some major surgery two days ago. I am new to this app and I hope that I can repeat this lesson

The more times I do it, the more I can feel it in my penis, especially the pulsing exercise.

Reverse kegel is tricky to get while breathing…hope to learn to hold it longer while breathing in and out.

Seems like a simple solution with massive benefit.

I think I do have better erections when I’m continuing to do them Verdi when I completely stop

Certainly feels tight. I’m hopeful repeated use of this sequence will help me better control my orgasms.

I do feel a little more relaxed after the pelvic floor excersizes. I don’t feel too much of a difference in my balls but I do feel more relaxed

Uncertain on that one

Really cool discovering new muscles

I added PF contractions to my core training and I can’t believe how much harder my core workout is. It also has helped me to be more present during my workout and not drift into autopilot and forget which set I’m on.

I like that doing these pelvic floor exercises brings awareness to a part of my body I hardly paid attention to before. I was not aware that it was these muscles that were responsible for allowing blood to flow to my penis, as well as being responsible for holding the blood there. I think recognizing that I wasn’t giving attention to this part of my body makes me feel more confident in fixing my erection issues.

Looking forward to make this part of my routine!

There is definitely a sexual feeling when doing these exercises!

Not entirely sure about the technique used to see if you’re pelvic floor is strong enough, but doing the exercises were interesting and I actually feel more comfortable with myself after doing it

I guess if I feel any muscles contracting or relaxing, how do I know if they are the right ones for the reverse kegels?

a bit mysterious clenching a muscle I’ve never seen but hope it helps.

Reminds me of yoga

Better mind muscle connection, but not too much of a difference in the bedroom yet

I think it will be good, if I can have the discipline to do that regularly.

Bit confusing