What do you think about during the Anxiety-busting meditation?

I often think about work, and how much more I have to do at work. I also think about how tough it is to get an erection because I push myself and force myself so hard to get one, which makes harder

I think about my ED, but honestly I’m on my 6th day and I’m thinking about it less and less. I’m beginning to really think and know I will have a strong erection with my next partner. I still have stress and worries that come in about work and life so that’s the next thing meditation will help me with I think.

Meditation seems to be working well for me. In less than two weeks I’ve been able to get it up every time I’ve attempted sex with my partner. I lost it once but she quickly got me hard again and we finished with no problem. I think my mind just wandered into negative thoughts without me realizing. I’m excited for the results. Better than pills.

I haven’t really tired. I will start and try to stick it I do suddenly doubt it will work but it’s encouraging that there is lots of success to be read about

I do feel more calm/less anxious and better able to focus

I’m half asleep, so I kept having almost dream like mind wanderings…

I’ve really enjoyed taking time out of my day and starting to meditate, I find that it helps me become present and gives me a break from all the hectic daily stuff

My mind wanders onto all kinds of random things. The techniques are good for catching myself before I get onto a negative spiral of thoughts:

I’ve tried to meditate in the past, but this seems to be helping me because it’s slightly different each day, so I’m getting used to the pattern. I nearly fall asleep sometimes, so not sure if I’m just always tired or if I’m feeling relaxed.

Definitely helps to get out of my head and feeling energised and relaxed at the same time. I find It difficult to get into a routine to feel the true benefits that might help my ED

Not for me. 8 days of this In a row has been a real struggle.

I loved the relaxed feeling of meditation. Often I Just have a feeling of feer or over focus that keeps me in a tense state. I want to learn to let go and let my focus go. I like meditation

Meditation isn’t new to me, have always had anxiety, meditation really helps me to realign, neutralize and balance my energy. Specifically addressing ED is a new one… getting a stronger appreciation that our cocks are feelers not thinkers. Maybe it’s about feeling/sensation fitness … soft penis exercises seem like a good start.

Million things

It seems to work sometimes but I still deal with erection issues. During the moment it is hard just to stop and find my breath and clear my mind. Especially if I have lost an erection. Trying to figure out a way to regain an erection after losing one

Felt moments of connection to myself for the first time with this meditation

trying to focus on the meditiation was very difficult, but i kept my mind clear and chose to feel my anxieties rather than letting them control my thoughts

Not my first time trying meditation. It can be difficult to stay disciplined enough to incorporate into everyday use

This meditation is really helping. I have had big improvements in my sexual performance since focusing on the breathing. I am still taking Cialis but I had previously been able to override even that with my inner critic. Now I am able to get and sustain my erection all the way through to climax and on a lower dose. I am hoping eventually to stop the medication completely

I found it hard to stay present for 15 minutes. My mind kept wondering of and I found myself constantly bringing it back in.