What do you think about during the Anxiety-busting meditation?

Mind wonders thinking about getting it up

I think about worries and things I have to do at work. The return to the breath keeps me to the mediation and not getting lost in thoughts.

Just now - Rocket League. However in general I find thoughts from the day pop up like day dreams. I’ve been trying meditation on and off for a year or two and find it easier with time to focus on the breath. Definitely calms me down after the session… And it gets easier so keep practicing

Actually is helping combat negative thoughts by focusing on breathing

I’ve never meditated before and it’s a strange adjustment. My mind does keep wandering. Not only about sex, but then I start thinking about errands, what I want to eat later, or thinking about family or work. Strangely, these are the same things that cross my mind during sex and can be a distraction. My mind never sits still!

I’m finding that the meditation and specifically using the word calm as described helps me to feel my body rather than be in my head. Me and my girlfriend have great sex and hopefully this will make those times that are not so good infinitely better

I used meditate regularly in the past but not so in a long time. Its been great to follow the programme and be consistent with it. I had one opportunity to apply it during a sexual encounter and it did seem helpful. IM excited to keep working on it and apply it further.

I think the hard part of meditation is accepting that our minds WILL wonder during the process. That’s kind of the point… so you can learn to shift your thoughts back to yourself and your breathing anytime your mind does begin to wonder. That being said during meditation my mind honestly wonders everywhere and anywhere. Wether it’s about sex or just every day life problems my mind definitely strays off the course of my meditation. But, I accept it focus my thoughts back on my breathing and the process and move on.

I think about being betrayed by my wife who has been having an affair. My erectile issues have place a lot of stress on our sex life for a long time. My thoughts churn about being worthless, that I will never have a healthy sex life again.

I think about sexual situations with a partner. About them touching me and the stimulation it provides. Negative thoughts do occur such as “what if my partner touches me and I don’t get an erection?”. Then catasrophizing sets in. But challenging the thought and returning to the breathe eases this worry. As does acknowledging the fact that most thoughts are negative.

Feeling more focused and aware that thoughts are just thoughts. Challenging them is good and returning with more ease is increasingly happening with more assertiveness.

For the most part it’s easy to focus on breathing. When my mind does wonder, it’s mostly about items on my to do list.

I try to focus on my breath and keep a rhythmic pace when breathing. My mind wanders a bit during the beginning, but I feel it takes about ~7 or ~8 minutes before I’m in a good spot and can actually experience the benefits of meditation. I enjoyed the ~15 minute version a lot.

I have been meditating off and on for years and found it good for anxiety generally but never thought to incorporate it around sex. I’m a few days in now and have honestly found it improving things when myself & my girlfriend are together. During this meditation my mind kept going to events of the day and then brought it back

I found that with this meditation, it was both my daily worries and stresses that came to mind as well as worries about getting it up. I have found the meditations to be extremely helpful with making sex less stressful as well as helping with my daily stresses.

Thought about a girl I quite fancy:)

It’s ok, bit unwieldy but good practice

Stress from the day
Having sex and how great it is

I did not have any negative thoughts about sex, my mind did wander but it’s wasn’t negative

I mostly think about all the worries I may have.