What do you think about during the Anxiety-busting meditation?

I mostly think back to occasions when I haven’t been able to get it up and it really creates a lot of anxiety in my chest!

I prefer the longer sessions. I feel like it allows more time to relax and feel calm

i focus on my breath and regaining my calm. ask myself if my thoughts are negative, true, or helpful, then refocus on my breath

I don’t understand mediation - i sit still and breath which isn’t what i’m trying to do during sex. I don’t spend my day thinking about not getting erections, i spend the foreplay time thinking about that. I’m struggling with the relevance of meditation as it’s not really reflective of a real life experience.

I think it’s really relevant to a lot of areas of my life. Remembering that thoughts aren’t always true and emotions aren’t either.

Work. I think about work a lot, things that need to get done or aren’t going well. Then the state of my marriage and the disconnection that my ed has helped create between my wife and I. While I’m appreciating the overall impact of the program on my life so far, I still worry that it won’t solve the problem.

Daily Meditation is wonderful it helps me with stress, negative thoughts and sex.

The fear of not performing well comes in and out, it’s great to acknowledge it and fight it back

I had done quite a bit if meditation before but only sporadically. The guided meditation has helped greatly. I was surprised how quickly I improved at returning back to my breathing and letting go of thoughts after only a few days consistent practice. I have also found myself catching negative thoughts during my daily life. However, I’m yet to apply these when having sex. Even as I type about it I am noticing the negativity come back and questioning whether it will impact my performance. However, I am confident in the process due to the results i have seen in my normal life.

Focusing on my breathing during sex has really helped suppress my typical erection killing thoughts. Still working on it but making progress.

I want to be able to recognize negative thoughts and redirect my thoughts to my breathing during the day.

Is this thought a negative one?
Is it helpful?
I can’t remember the third question.

Getting a little easier to stay focused on exercise.

Some other thoughts that weren’t about sex. I created some situation when I’m going to have sex and how to deal with the anxiety

Anxiety and failing my wife again

Relaxing and focusing on my breathe

I often start thinking about everything that is giving me anxiety currently instead of focusing on breathing, but after a while and thanks to the reminders I often come back

I find myself disconnecting from my physical surroundings without even knowing it during meditation. Sometimes my meditation is up and down with my mind wondering, but overall, I feel much more relaxed afterward. Making this part of my daily routine instead of just when I’m feeling anxious is helpful too.