What do you think about during the Anxiety-busting meditation?

I have lots of experience with mindfulness, but this course is the first in this very particular framework. I guess I feel the urge to be so present, not drift off, and feel everything I can downstairs, but of course… I always drift off… I try not to fall into negative thought patterns, instead I end up thinking of entirely different scenarios about confectionary etc. haha the brain is chaos…

When I started it was a bit awkward, but as I have been doing it daily I start to noticed a bit more calmness. I noticed I tend to not doze off but my brain randomly think of things, nothing related to sexual anxiety but just random thoughts. I do try and re focus back on my breathing which brings my focus back.

It is beginning to help me calm down for a little while, hopefully I can become stronger at dealing with the negative thoughts in my mind through meditation.

I realized today that my mind really wanders a lot. During this mediation session I was thinking about work, family, ex girlfriends, friends. Incredible how my mind has a difficult time focusing on one thing.

Have never meditated before but I already feel like it is helping me get out of my head and keep my thoughts focused on what is happening in the moment

I’ve always been a worrier. Catastrophising is my middle name. These last two years, it has hit a peak but I’ve had to just get my head down and push through the barriers to achieve what I have. I have only just had time amid the disasters which have prevailed to sit and congratulate myself on what I have achieved in reality despite what’s been going on around me. These meditations are securing these elements of huge success and stopping me feeing useless now the work towards achievement is subsiding and I have more time to get back to my default of catastrophising. I’m feeling in a much better place already.

My mind wandered to negative thoughts about sex but I was able to question them and get back to focusing on my breath. My thoughts did wander to negative thoughts about other areas of life too, but I was also able question those thoughts as well and return to the breathing. At the end of this session I did feel more aware of my genital area even though my mind wasn’t focused there. I think there are benefits coming as I continue to meditate.

I think about completely non sexual subjects

Its not so much about the thoughts, its more to do with the spike of fear, like somoene has popped a balloon behind you… everytime your partner initiates or suggests sex. It still kills the erection every time!

Being calm, present and stress free

Dayly meditation can be an improove in many aspects of life. I want to continue this practice.

Thing other than sex!

Found this meditation and the last 2 more powerful. Day 6 meditation gives me more confidence and meditations calm me and help with self belief.bDay 6 is a real turn on I find my body moving during it you know where and breathing heavily. Who needs porn lol

Random memories most of which have no connection to anything said in the meditation

It’s starting to have a positive effect

I do feel calmer and less anxious overall. I think the amount of negative thoughts have decreased overall and I’ve definitely noticed a difference not worrying so much about sex.

As I’m practicing meditation more, the random thoughts are still popping in. But they’re becoming more and more devoid of negativity. Maybe a song or my grocery list will interrupt my focus, but all things negative are starting to leave me alone as I try to focus on my breathing for as long as I can.

I didn’t think about ED, just some things that were in the back of my mind.

I have been doing these meditations almost every day in a row as prescribed and I have noticed a difference in my everyday life. I believe it will improve my sex life as well and ED but I haven’t had a chance to try it out! I already feel more in touch with my body including my penis.

Have tried meditation before and think that in order for it to be effective it really needs to become part of your daily routine (something I’ve not been able to manage just yet…)