What do you think about during the Anxiety-busting meditation?

I’ve heard that it takes a lot of meditation sessions before you’re able to actually not think about anything, at first your mind will wander all over the place and it’s only natural if you’ve never actually meditated before. Meditation is simply the art of not doing anything, and it’s difficult to do that with all the distractions of the world today. It’s sort of like you’re being your own therapist working out your own problems by yourself, and once you work everything out or at least address it your mind will be able to be more silent during meditation. I’m practicing at least 10 minutes every day and it has certainly helped my thinking to become more clear and focused in daily life.

I do some sort of meditation or breathing focus at the moment of penetration as this is usually when my anxiety is at its highest. I typically notice my heart is noticibly agitated. This often times can lead to me loosing my erection rather quickly If I dont calm down quick enough. This is specially true for a new partner. One way I can calm down is by focusing on breathing into my diaphragm sort of like a box breathing exercise. Breathing in the past has helped me push through the anxiety and get into a good rythm and feel the sensations of sex which is more than enough to keep me in the zone most times.

I think about random thoughts and sometimes a recent sexual experience. I realize this and try to imagine it going more positive

Never really did it before, but it really helps to feel more at peace when doing it

Too much meditating tbh. For someone with ADHD I don’t really look forward to endless meditating I wish they mixed it in one meditating day one non meditating day

Mot keeping it hard

Whether my partner would be able to trust me and truly let me into her heart 1 day and if it was my failing in the bedroom that caused her to distance herself from me

I am trying to beat away negative thoughts and out myself in situations where I am able to get an erection. Over the weekend I actually did feel better and had some great sex. It’s early in this process but I am doing my best to trust it. I know physically I am fully capable of getting hard, my erections start and end with my mind 100%. I have a date this Thursday that I’m trying to visualize going great.

Just kept trying to focus on my breathing, my mind likes to wander quite a bit, it’s challenging but I hope it will help.

Thoughts of failure and if it’s really working

Negative thoughts and fears

It’s definitely been making me feel more present in my general life, i’m spectatoring less. So far this hasn’t translated into the bedroom, but I’m confident that with time and practice it will.

Random thoughts and feelings

@nutty-chocolate-mite how did the date go?

So glad you’re seeing some early results with the tactics on Mojo :slight_smile:

Helps me to relax

Music. My favorite songs and how they made me feel.

I find during my meditation feel much more calm, and have a bit more self belief, but my mind of can sometimes still wander and think about past failed experiences. I think bringing my attention back to my breath really helps distract from the negative thoughts

conversations I had recently

I like the longer meditation. I have been using meditation for anxiety for a few years so I’m comfortable with it and like the routine. It gives me confidence that if it works for my anxiety it can also work for my sexual frustrations.

Everything. I know mojo is used to focus on and help with sex, but as I go through these exercises, my mind run wild on everything — and I do mean EVERYTHING! It’s hard not to get down on myself when I feel like I can’t even focus on my breath for 5 seconds. But the meditations by mojo remind me that that’s normal, and with time, practice, and consistency, I’ll be able to get the power of my mind back and own it and influence it towards the positive in all aspects of life. Be it sex, work, hobbies, family, or anything else.