What are you discovering with directed masturbation exercises?

The voice sounded like the “And Now” narrator from Last Week Tonight. But the directed masturbation exercises are allowing me to find areas I didn’t know had pleasurable responses. Also different areas want lighter or harder pressure. It’s not all the same pressure everywhere.

Takes me a long time to get hard but really finding where the best touches that give me pleasure and it is relaxing.

Different touches, different sensations

I dont really get aroused. I often feel that the problem may be more in the fact that i am not in the mood to get aroused? I dont know. Its all very confusing. I do spectator quite a bit too.


There is something to the touch. Very much not used to it but there is something there.

I ultimately got hard, then soft and then hard again and end up with ejaculating. But I wasn’t as aroused as watching porn.

That I’m a lot more sensitive to touch when I don’t go straight in to the most efficient way to masterbate

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Depends on the voice

More sensations or rather noticing them now

Difficult to get a roused from light touch, but eventually I got a hit hard. I really have to focus on feeling the touch and the sensations that come with it.

It’s quite exciting, touching myself in ways that aren’t according to my normal habit. Kind of like rediscovering myself again.

Generally struggle to maintain a hard penis even by myself. Previously I would always need porn, previous 3 days I’ve managed to come without any porn. Still not maintaining it 100% but by not giving it any thought or attention it’s definitely improving :slight_smile:

I found I have a hard time to get hard using soft touch. Although I struggle with erections usually it’s definitely easier to get one with visual sensation.

It’s hard to feel much at all on my punishment, which stresses me out, but that is probably good because I have found a point of stress.

takes a while to get hard

It’s good to get a sense of sensations from light touching on the body but I evidently don’t get aroused from light touch and it will take time. At least there’s a practical way to address it now

I’m enjoying exploring other parts of my body, and the light touch. It hasn’t made me hard, but it has certainly put me in the mood, so I will ask my wife to touch and stroke my body and see how that goes.

Finding it difficult to get aroused with only explorative touch and my body has to get accustomed to feeling real pleasure in other areas of my body. It is helping though I see small differences.

The audio was talking about ‘as you become more and more aroused’ but I was never aroused in the slightest. Which makes me feel worse, like I’m not progressing.