What are you discovering with directed masturbation exercises?

hard time getting hard nothing was happening, maybe practice !!!

There are certain areas where I’m struggling to feel any sensation. But they are starting to heighten in most areas

I found some areas where i Liked to be touched that i didnt expect

I have masterbated for two decades to climax and haven’t really enjoyed the process. My challenge with sex is that I cum to fast and don’t have the control to hold erection long enough to pleasure my wife. This is very frustrating to us both and deeply challenging to our relationship

I think by de conditioning my pleasure response to be process journey based and not end ejaculatiion based will transform sex

I think by noticing more sensations I will have a way to pull the energy out of my duck to allow for prolonged pleasure

More focus on sensation. “Performance anxiety” is definitely lessened when focus is on sensation, on what is instead of what could/should be.

I struggle to get hard just from light solo touch

Would prefer a women sexy voice haha

Weak erection from light touch. Always want to go back to the death grip

It’s hard to just get an erection from light touch but I do get aroused

Had to redirect my thoughts back to my pleasure a few times. Recognizing what you’re doing seems to be half the battle, but being in the moment and focusing on pleasure, while it seems like a no-brainer, is definitely key!

I’m finding erogenous zones I didn’t realize work for me. Looking forward to exploring them more with my partner.

its a good activity not to be so focused on getting to an orgasm. Its pleasent and different. . I am still unsure about the goal though…

How to connect more with my body…how to take my time in feeling physical sensations without being obsessed with getting hard. I feel more relaxed physical and mentally after the exercise.

I put too much pressure on myself to stay hard

It’s good to explore different touches and how they affect you

Hard not to just do what feels good, but slowly building up different levels of touch and sensitivity makes the erection more versatile.

I find it a little difficult to get hard from light touch and there is definitely places that arouse me more than others. But I’m hoping by continuing this maybe other areas will wake up and become more arousing too

This app SEVERELY needs an option to do a female or male voice. I absolutely could not do this exercise, I couldn’t stop laughing. It sounded like Duke Nukem was me telling to “…draw little circles on your skin with your fingers…”

No dude

Light touch doesn’t arouse me at this point, but we can get there soon hopefully