Realizing I’ve never explored my own body

I’m 36, averagely sexually experienced, was married for 8 years (now divorced), and came here after a few failed attempts at sex in my new dating life. I realized doing the guided masturbation exercises tonight that I’ve never actually touched and explored my own body. Sex has always been sort of a mindless, and dare I say, slightly dissociative experience. These guided exercises felt very different, liberating, and illuminating. This seems so obvious, but they helped me understand sex is about the body, and about a process that happens moment by moment through physical sensation. It’s not about a result (erection) that leads to another result (intercourse) that leads to another result (climax). I enjoyed the process, successfully got an erection, and climaxed, and enjoyed all of it. I even did it without porn, which has been a challenge since my divorce. I’m hoping next occasion I have with a woman in my bed I can slow down and allow myself to allow her to explore my body. This is really good stuff.

P.S. a note to the MOJO people, it would be cool to be able to select a male or female voice for the exercises. I know with voice tech these days it’s easy to do. No disrespect to anyone, but personally don’t want to hear a deep gravelly voice talking about caressing my penis. Users should have the preference.


Yes Yes to this - me too. Also assisted with the solo sensate work. Transformed my masturbation and highlighted how distracting (in a bad way) porn has been.

Agree re voices although I find all the voices somewhat irritating if not actively creepy but I guess you need some guidance!