Directed masturbation - thoughts?

I’ve just (for the first time) listened to the 4 different audio guides for directed masturbation and I stayed soft the entire time, super discouraged tbh. The dude talking is a huge turn off too, I don’t want a deep-voiced dude talking while I’m trying to focus to get an erection. Anyone have any feedback on those?

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Hey - totally agree. I find all of them a total turn off male or female voice. However they generally encourage a fairly slow and exploratory approach. This slow approach combined with solo sensate work and really focusing on body sensation has deepened my satisfaction from masturbation a lot.

I only got the guided masturbation a couple of times in my mojo journey so far.

So, in my view, no need to be discouraged , just move on to the other things.

Do women secretly masturbate alot?

If we knew it wouldn’t be secret …ha ha sorry couldn’t resist.