Mindful masterbation

Hi all im struggling with the soft penis pleasuring/ mindful masterbation. When I try it a feel like I’m too focused on achieving an errection and struggle to enjoy it. Thus creating more anxiety and shame. What’s everyone’s experience been with it?


I was feeling that way a bit, but at some point it dawned on me that “there’s nobody else here. Nobody gives a hoot how hard I get right now but me. Nobody cares how long this takes but me. Stop caring.”

It isn’t that simple of course but reminding myself those things made it easier for me to try to laser-focus on my own sensations guilt-free, since there’s nobody I’m trying to impress.

Then I started talking out loud to myself, and I’m working on trying to get comfortable narrating a play by play out loud in a silent room. What feels good, what I like about what’s happening.

The sound of my own voice talking over my inner critic with inane narration seems to help me ignore the inner critic a little better.


I felt the exact same way! That’s completely normal. In fact, this is one of the causes of your problem. The point of the exercise is to be okay with being soft and to just enjoy the feeling. it’s not as stimulating as masturbation, sometimes just running your thumb up the shaft is enough! Someone else here said they felt better realizing there was no one there and nobody cared. What helped me was using it as a meditation exercise and if you become hard you have to stop. I feel like this helps rewire your brain since you are satisfied with the thing you are ashamed about. Keep going brother, we’re all in this together.

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Might seem like a dumb question but where is this ‘mindful masturbation’ exercise. I have completed all the phases and don’t see anything with that headline?

I think you’re right there - but the idea is paying close attention to the sensations in your body and emotions whilst you masturbate - which links into the mojo directed masturbation exercises and sensate work if they were in your program.