Can’t get hard or stay hard

Hi guys I am in my 20s toned body. Usually when I am with my gf I get hard easily like when cuddling and stuff but when ever we proceed most of the time I go soft mostly likely due to my inner critic but I am also scared that I might have low tests or my prone masturbation might have fucked me up. I tried taking cilias which helps sometime but my mind is fucking me up. Two days ago I have a natural hard on then we proceed to go for 45 min and I wouldn’t cum and broke her already. Today morning after like 40 mins of taking cialis I had a soft boner so she started sucking me off then when I was abt to fuck her my inner voice came up and my dick went flat after a while I was watching porn alone and had a raging boner for 30 min even after I stopped watching wht should I do


I know exactly what you mean man, I’m struggling with the same thing in my early 20’s with my girlfriend and it’s tough cause each time becomes more discouraging but what I found helps is to meditate more often and for longer periods of time, it helps quiet that inner voice and helps you focus strictly on her. That’s what it’s all about is just being in the moment and your mind is preventing you from doing that. Your body will do the rest if you focus on her and her feel and her smell while you guys are getting a lil heated. It’s all mental and will go away with time you just gotta trust it and trust yourself. There’s tons of videos of sexual anxiety on YouTube as well that help too. Good luck!


Thanks for the above words. I am struggling with the same issue and feels like i should focus on meditating and trust myself. The problem is I start on a good note and after a couple of bad experiences my inner critic becomes stronger and i start doubting myself - start blaming my body, my porn habits and sometimes actually convinced that there is some physical/ genetic issue

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