What are you discovering with directed masturbation exercises?

The voice sounds very robotic

More sensuality

I don’t find it enjoyable touching my penis while listening to a guy. If anything, it turned me off.

That somes up my thoughts and acts perfectly

That I can see it being able to work if I stick to it

It was pretty good actually, I thought I would even be able to orgasm a few times. I think this soft touch will definitely help wire our penis sensitivity for real sex

I’m not getting hard especially with the male voices, but I do appreciate the different sensations I feel throughout the rest of my body.

It is I bit longer and slower and it’s hard not to just divert to “get the job done” but is enjoyable to find and experience new pleasures. Sometimes my mind wanders but that is getting better with the more meditation I practice also.

The voice sent me to sleep. Now I’m awake again, I’ll give another go.

I like to be touched elsewhere not just on my dick

I am learning to be in the moment. Not rush things and enjoy all of the sensations.

It feels like the relationship I have with my peen is getting better, I sort of trust it more and like it a lot more too. It’s getting easier to stay hard and cum with my partner which is effing amazing

I had to work to not just revert to girp-of-death style. But after the directed portion finished, I kept at it - all light strokes. Didn’t think it was going to happen… and then I hit that point of no return and wow - it was great! First really good orgasm in months.

Its difficult to get aroused enough to masterbate. Buy its nice slowly and naturally feeling a change with no expectation

Initially not in the mood. Due to so much wanking recently. But then got turned on

By myself I can get hard

I’m very desensitized to slow, light touch. Been death gripping for far too long. This will take a while to retrain.

My normal masturbation is much better and easier to stay hard