What are some of the positive and negative effects of masturbation for you?

Positive I felt it relaxing. Negative I have learnt to do this before. I didn’t feel particularly aroused

Positive: it realeases frustration, makes me feel good and easy to control

Negative: its made my expectation unrealistic and doesn’t help with sex with my partner

Masturbation relaxes me, but sometimes it narrows my vision of sex. To achieve orgasm I need to think in unreal scenarios.

I think I am very routine with my masturbation, to the point that I dont even really think about it. I do it to help me sleep and relax, both of which are positive effects.

I used to get excited and look forward to it but now it’s become just a process in order to get that release I need, so I often feel a bit low afterwards. More so if I use porn, although porn makes the whole thing more exciting which I know is probably not a healthy pattern to get into.

Positive. I noticed some tingle spots. Negative. I stopped thinking about the feeling and about other women

The positive effects are vastly outweighed by the negative effects for. The release feels great, but usually the next day or so I’ll feel a little lethargic and down, way more if I watch porn while masturbating, which is almost every time

Positive - orgasm, release, relaxation.
Negative - feel like I’ve relied too much on long masturbation sessions with porn. Getting hard with my partner feels too ‘real life’ for me, it isn’t the same as the escape porn and masturbation offers. But I hope to overcome this soon!

Positive: makes me realize I can actually get an erection

Negative: partner can’t re-create the exact same sensation, so might make staying hard with a partner more difficult.

I am very dependent on particular types of stimulation, specifically my nipples. It feels great, but it’s nearly impossible for me to get hard or even aroused without touching them. If I could rewire my brain to enjoy new types of touch as much, that would be great. However, my shame, impatience, and hopelessness tend to feed each other in a cyclical manner.
Even though this is an anonymous forum (or maybe because this is an anonymous forum), I feel the need to share this: I feel very sad right now. I feel sad, ashamed, and hopeless. But also being here makes me feel a little bit hopeful.

As a positive, it feels good, the rush, the release. It has the negatives of making it harder for me to become aroused outside of the usual ways, and it has decreased my sensitivity to the point where I struggle to climax with my partner.

Positive = Orgasm

Negative = Orgasm not as good as with a partner. Avoiding masturbation and pornography in general is what totally helped me out with overcoming my performance anxiety. If you don’t do PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm) you’re going to be way more turned on in your next sexual encounter

Negative: I feel like I’ve wasted some sexual energy that should have been directed at my wife.

Positive: a release
Negative: affecting arousal

The positive is sometimes the orgasm etc, Negatives wise I worry I struggle to get it up and then the masturbation reinforces that its not a bad thing and that its normal to remain inconsistent

On the positive side I think in some ways its proves to myself that I can get an erection, pretty much whenever I want, or at least whenever I want when im alone. It helps to build a bit of confidence and that along with some of the meditation exercises and learning to re-direct my focus seems to be the most impactful at the moment for me. The negative is that i can see how continual masturbation in the same manner can create unrealistic ideas of how sex should be “completed” I dont really watch porn at all, but feel like maybe i have created some specific ideas about what sensations i “should” be feeling and if I dont, I tend to get distracted. Will continue to practice.

I just love the feeling of being aroused and feeling the heat in my penis and that I’m having fun on my own. The negative effect is that I feel dependent on porn but this will change now!

Relaxing and provides a sense of control. Negative is it’s all about the visuals for me and often they are exaggerated. Porn that is just not realistic

I always feel like I won’t be able to get it up for days after masturbation, so I become scared of doing it and hate myself when I do because then I tell myself now I can’t have sex. It’s also during masturbation that I get tempted to watch porn and I always hate myself after that

The positive is ofcourse that it just feels good

Positive, it makes me feel good. Negative, the feeling isn’t deep or meaningful. It’s like cheap wine and a greasy burger, nothing I will remember or want to remember later.