What are some of the positive and negative effects of masturbation for you?

It was better when I was younger, now I feel it has destroyed my ability to be aroused

Positive can be done quick negative I feel like I have become accustomed to porn and the way I do it. I can only get hard to physical stimulation

P: Pleasure, excitement, relaxation, stress relief, exploration
N: I’ve already started to vary my masturbation techniques but there is certainly a history of “training” myself to feel good about very limited types of stimuli. And definitely have noticed that there’s a correlation between not masturbating for a couple of days before sex and the strength of the erection.

Sometimes I just want to make sure I can get hard erections and cum because I am worried about ED. I definitely masturbate too hard and frequently.

Negatives are that I am used to masturbating in a particular way, it is often too fast, and I don’t feel connected to the rest of my body. I took little from that last exercise with touch. A big problem is that I am able to orgasm without being 100% erect when masturbating.

Postives are it feels good & is a release in the moment.

Different sensations

Positives: it feels good, helps relieve stress. Negatives: it lowers my sex drive. I rarely masterbate, prefer to have sex with a partner

Positive: masturbation is a quick easy way to release any pent up energy.
Negative: I often masturbate, which I think can lead to dependency on it. I’ve also struggled with PE due to my old habit of finishing as quick as possible, which has affected the way I have actual sex.

Negative is my own hand all the time
Positive is i can come quickly

Sexual release is the positive. The negative is I’ve been training myself for years to orgasm only to certain specific visual experiences which makes it much harder to orgasm with a partner no matter how turned on I am.

Stress relief
Managing my sexual energy.
Ejaculating drains my energy

The positive is the experience of being erect and when all goes well the feeling of an orgasm. The negative is needing porn to keep me erect.

  • stress relief, feel good, explore what feels good
  • compulsive activity, conditioned for quick ejaculation, associated porn use

Too much jerking off and worried about not being able to get hard the next time

P: feels good. I know what I like. N: no one else can mimic and after an encounter and they finish, I wait until they leave so I can finish myself

The positive feeling is the release and climax. I don’t feel like I’ve had negative thoughts while masturbating before. Usually it’s just about relief and nothing more

I enjoy masturbating nearly daily. It helps relax me and bring me pleasure. I believe it has led to a one-dimensional acclimation my body has made to my own way of touching myself though so I’m very interested and excited about these new methods to expand to many dimensions of sexual arousal.

Feeling confident that my penis becomes erect… then sometimes for moment I feel the pressure of over excited and overthinking the worse and it goes down for a little bit… but goes back up again.

Positive is that I feel happy with my erection. Negative is that I start wanting it to be harder quicker and I start judging myself as I masturbate

Positive: orgasm and the relaxed feeling
Negative: feels mechanical/routine and has conditioned me to cum based on that so when with a partner I usually have to finish by masturbating