What are some of the positive and negative effects of masturbation for you?

I feel lonely, like a failure. But it does relieve my from blue balls

feels like a stopgap…but helps me relax

Positive: good sensations, especially at the end.

Negative: regret, weakened feeling of willpower, reliance and desensitisation.

Masturbation to orgasm makes me lethargic and then my libido and erection quality significantly drops for the next few days. Masturbation to porn makes this even worse and is addictive.

I don’t really feel a positive impact from masturbation. I feel abstaining until intercourse is usually better for me!

Downside is that I’ve trained myself to be hard when I masturbate (obviously) but I’m desensitized to sex with a partner and I fear they just can’t stack up to my “technique”. Also, I believe my refectory period is pretty long so any masturbation might ruin a positive sexual encounter, if that even makes sense. Positive side is the wonderful sense of release from orgasming.

Gets you in a habit same speed everytime

positive: orgasim, relaxation, safe
negative: some dependency in the sense that I know I do not need to face a situation with a partner

Positive is i relax, negative is that im to dependent on the visual aid if porn and have forgotten the pathways to visualise things in my mind, like there is a block!

Relaxing is the positive effects

I feel if I watch too much porn, it impacts my ability to get it up. If I limit it to once or twice a day without porn, it’s much easier for me to get aroused.

I know what I like and I know how to get hard. I don’t feel like I can maintain an erection without masturbation. I enjoy the relief it gives me and the pleasure I feel

Positive-it feels great and is a stress reliever. Negative-I’ll become less inclined to have sex

Positive: I feel confident about my ability to get an erection and to realize that it’s more psychological than anything.
Negative: I feel like my previous addiction to porn, strip clubs, and other types of “fantasy” scenarios has wrecked my ability to have a normal relationship. My girlfriend is incredibly attractive and it bothers me so much that we haven’t had sex yet.

The Positive is that it feels great, negative is that I feel bad about it afterwards, not always though.

Release of sexual desire and to much can cause errction issues

I feel like if I masurbate to often it lessons my chances of performing with my partner or should I say ejaculating

i took me some time to get aroused and somewhat hard. Obviously i did not orgasm but i think this is ok. It was really relaxing though!

Pros: Destress and relaxation. Negayives: Overdoing it. Doing it just for boredom. Over stimulation and the death grip for sure. I’ve notized some loss of sensitivity for sure when I am with a partner. I try to replicate the sensitivity with some positions but I avoid positions that dont generally offer the same level of control where I can control the tempo and angle. I think that is probably the reason my performance anxiety started.

On the app the phone keeps locking several times ruining immersion. I think it’s a bug shouldn’t happen right?

Sometimes I think masturbating to much is bad, but the upside is that it feels good.