What are some of the positive and negative effects of masturbation for you?

Usually it’s just a means to an end. But I do notice that it’s easier to get an erection masturbating versus with having sex with my boyfriend. So I always just figure I’ll take care of myself later.

I get freaked out when I cant get fully erect with myself, I get inside my head. I think about is trying to finish. It makes me forget how fun it used to be. Now it feels like I am just trying to finish once I get hard, I bust before fully erect.

Positive: it’s exciting and sexy and something I look forward to like an amazing meal.
Negative: the feeling of being totally relaxed in my own space compared to the anxiety I feel when I’m with someone

Positive: temporary relief
Negative: I’m not as aroused by real situations and my brain is not as creative sexually. It has distorted my sexual tastes. I have tried to stop multiple times and failed suggesting addiction/dependency. I think it makes me finish faster in the bed as I am often rushed tricking my brain into thinking that is normal or desirable.


Positive is the skin sensations I feel

Negative is the lack of arousal that doing this to expand into fuller areas of intimacy at this time

positive it feels good and released. Negative impacts my sex life and makes me less aroused

Sometimes I go far too quick and therefore doesn’t really simulate what real sex would be like. Sometimes just knock one out to be as quick as possible.

For me, a positive effect is feeling relaxed and pleasured during and after masturbation. A negative is that I am used to one way and I know that it won’t help in bed

Feels good and is relaxing. Worried that i am getting numb to normal sex and touch Compared to What i see i porn

Negative: I felt as if masturbating was a compulsive behavior for me and would wind up doing it too many times a day so it feels better when I learn to control it. Overall masturbating made me like being touched a certain way but this certainly doesn’t really happen in bed, so it makes it harder to get it up in certain situations. It’s like someone said, it makes me get less used to a real woman. Some positives is that it always feels good to release and give into the sensation.

It can get very routine, and I often do need a specific technique to get off. I started lessoning porn use a few years ago. Often, it feels gratifying when I use my imagination. Often, if I use porn it often pulls away from the physical experience.

Dependency on it can be a negative as it drives me to not date. Pleasure is a positive as it does allow me to feel hopeful

Positive effects: I know what I like. I like the way my cock looks when it’s fully aroused.

Negative: Not getting hard without my hand. Without the hand nothing happens.

Can get right to things and kind of porn I like to watch. But negative, I often masturbate through my boxers so that’s maybe hard wired my brain to prefer that kind of feeling and friction

Positive is that it releases most of my stress from the day. Negative is that I’ve become reliant on it, sometimes even if I’m not in the mood to masturbate I will still do it, which has influenced my pleasure responses in a very negative way. Getting too used to my hand, and visual stimuli from porn most of the time.

I do it too much. I feel like I become too reliant on porn for stimulation and it has negatively affected me in bed. The positive is of course the arousal and orgasm.

Positives: exploring myself physically and mentally to better know myself. Gain confidence seeing and feeling the firm erection I have. Provides release, and feels great.

Negatives: can be easier to just masturbate versus putting in the effort to be intimate with my partner. Can become too reliant on certain sensations or stimulus.

The negative effect would have to do with the reliance on porn and associating that with a sexual experience. Realistically, sexual experiences are nothing like masturbating to porn and I personally need to disassociate the two. This exercise helped with that

Positive: confidence that I’m physically capable.
Negative: guilt or worry that it hinders my ability to perform with my wife.