What are some of the positive and negative effects of masturbation for you?

I came. but also explores part of body I hadnt for a while and hope to transfer to exploring with my partner in foreplay next time

In the positive, edging while practicing semen retention generally makes getting future erections easier, and longer lasting.

On the negative, ejaculating too often causes erectile performance to drop sharply, and was a bad habit I grew up with — ejaculating as fast as possible without realizing it should be prolonged.

Positive: it feels good and i’m confident by myself

Negative: I feel like I’ve gotten used to a certain touch and in a shorter amount of time.

If I take a long look in the mirror, I think masturbation and a sustained unhealthy relationship with porn has been the cause of many negative and awkward bedroom issues over the years.
It’s been definitely a one dimensional exercise that has been a common denominator with why deep intimacy hasn’t been easy with previous ex’s

It feels incredible but I become slightly addicted to it

Pros would be self pleasure, orgasm, release etc. Con would be that I’m training my body and brain to experience pleasure in a very specific way.

I don’t masturbate too often only sometimes however I use porn in the background and tend to rather masturbate to a sexy pic or pretty photo of a gal that I’ve just met or dating as I find this method closer to being real than jerking off to direct porn itself.

I think too much porn & masturbation is not good as you get used to the touch of your own hands however in moderation I find it’s OK and a good reliever if you get blue balls!

The positive is that I can control my pleasure and ejaculation. And arouse my penis to the touch I need for ejaculation.

The negative is o feel I have become dependent on my touch to ejaculate. When I’m having sex with my partner, I need to Masturbate my self to ejaculate. I find it difficult to concentrate ejaculating using my partners body.

It’s an amazing stress relief and form of self care. But sometimes I wonder if it’s causing me to have erection issues because of how often I do it.

Positive: feels good: it’s exciting: it’s relaxing

Negative: I get too much in my head: it helps me to avoid sex with my wife

I enjoy it, it feels good and its often very relaxing, a good way to take my mind off stress. But sometimes I feel that stress/anxiety creeps in now and makes it difficult. I start thinking of past encounters that haven’t gone too well and then things stall and I feel like I’m just doing it to see if I can

Positives: It feels good and relieves stress. I really enjoy porn and watching it gives me stimulation and I get hard, which reassures me that I’m okay physically. Porn does give me ideas on what I can do with my partner.

Negatives: I was becoming too dependent on porn to get hard and it was getting more and more extreme, including situations with drugs or people passed out. It removed me from reality and having sex with my partner in real life. I’ve tried to quit porn over and over, and only in the past few months have had some success by watching it once every few weeks, instead of everyday. However, I have noticed that my sex drive diminishes tremendously if I haven’t watched any porn for a few weeks. This session has made me realise as well that my body may be used to my way of touch and the routine of masturbation. It explains why sometimes having sex with my boyfriend doesn’t feel as good, or oral sex doesn’t get me close to orgasm.

Positive: relaxing and very pleasurable feelings
Negative: It’s as if my body has become so used to my own touch that it freezes and shuts down when I am with my partner.

As everyone else is saying…positives, pleasure and release. The negatives: training myself away from enjoying the vagaries of sex with a partner. Relying on it as a stress reliever that in the long run negatively affects relationships.

Negative is that when I masturbate it is entirely results focused. That detracts from times spent with my wife. She senses I am checked out from her and focused only on getting an erection.

I get frustrated and fearful that I am further moving away from being able to have sex with my partner.

It’s nice to feel the pleasures and know what makes me feel good. However, I feel less motivated and that my mind is cloudy the days following.

Positive is orgasm and relief even feeling horny. Negative being to set in ways.

I like orgasming. A lot. But I probably masturbate more often than I should.

  1. If I’m feeling unwanted emotions, masturbation calms me (advantage), but then I don’t adequately process what’s behind the emotions (disadvantage).
  2. If I’m feeling horny, climaxing provides physiological release (endorphins or dopamine or whatever) that removes the urges (advantage), but I’m so determined to climax that I use porn and the death grip, which desensitizes me to intimacy with a partner (disadvantage).