What affirmations work for you?

What affirmations improve the way you see your penis or your erections?

Affirmations are positive phrases or mantras that assert good vibes. They’re empowering. They can hype you up. And they can be powerful antidotes to anxiety and limiting beliefs.

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You’re pretty good, its not your fault, I’m building up the skills for you to thrive


It’s just my part. No need to try hard to give pleasure to anybody. everything is fine. Let the other person worry if they need it :slight_smile: not you. you are just fine the way you are. :slight_smile:


You are a part of me, im asking a lot of you, we are in this together, we are going to work this out

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We can do this together! Everything we need is here! I know you never wanted to embarrass me and I ask a lot of you , but we are great team! We are on the right way. You are great little fella :slight_smile:


I like the “I know you never wanted to embarrass” me one. One of my own that I like is “give yourself time to grow.”


We are working on it together. You are fine just the way you are.


It’s ok, lets not fear each other.


I know there is no problem with you and there is no problem with my conscious mind. We just need to convince my subconscious that there is nothing to be afraid of. Then we will back having fun.


Yeah, I already loved my penis but realized it’s been a while since I stayed some gentle and quality time with him. Just admiring and feeling which parts or touches gives are more pleasurable. A couple times I tried not to have an erection, but that was me, not the inner critic because it was not about masturbation, but feeling and bonding with him

My affirmations the first time I tried this were

  1. You are part of me. We are going to improve things together
  2. You are the size you are. Size has not been my chief issue. Getting hard has been. And we’re working on that.
  3. Were on the right track just by trying this
  4. We will find easy and regular pleasure together

funny, kept it upbeat… “who’s a good boy!”

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“You’re working on it” and “even soft this is still a pretty penis” lol

I’ll stop worrying about you, trying to control you with my own head. You do your own thing, I trust ya

You’re a f’king rockstar

I said, you know a lot of women want you they love how thick you feel. You know my wife walks in the clouds when we pound her. We are in this together don’t worry about the past. Let’s enjoy the pleasure we have and keep doing it.

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There’s nothing wrong or embarrassing about my flaccid penis. We lost our way, but together we will find it again. I truly trust you and will do better to take care of you. We will only get better and better as a team together. You’re a really good penis and I’m sorry I was so tough on you.

It’s not your fault. I put too much pressure on the situation and that was unfair. We’re getting better and this is a natural part of life.

You’re amazing. Im grateful for you. Thank you for helping me connect with myself more deeply.

Things are improving day by day, and being kind to myself shows the respect I deserve. I’m doing great!