New ED issue advice

Hello all
I had my first erectile issue a week ago. Prior to that I had zero problems. Since my first issue I haven’t been able to get hard when u need to. I’ve worked really hard a couple times and got it up, but I feel I’m totally in a tailspin right now. It’s all I think about. Me and my wife have been having problems and I feel this will just add to it. She seems to be understanding, but I’m so embarrassed. It’s like I forgot how to get an erection. Any tips would be great .

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It’s definitely a lot in your head. My wife and I went through a rough patch and that’s when my erection issues started. Definitely, a tailspin! That leads to more stress to more erection and confidence issues and more stress , etc. best thing is an understanding spouse and relaxation. Some of the meditations on this site help and definitely heart to hearts with your spouse

Did you ever get over your issues ?

I did! It took some calm reflection. I actuaries to do some meditation and visualize sex with my wife and start to associate it with more calm feelings during meditation. One of the meditations on here has you say calm with each exhalation and I liked that one. It really took just having heart to hearts and having an understanding partner. Don’t be mad if they’re having a hard time too though, because it’s stressful for them too! When we both got their, we had the beat sex we’d had in years. I will say it has come and gone a bit over the years. Sometimes it is worse. It really just takes patience and understanding and just enjoying the feel good parts of sex and not the performance

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Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the meditations. Have you seen that there is also a partnered meditation? You can do it with your wife if she is open to it.

How open were you with your partner about what you were doing to try and overcome your erection issues?

Hi all, I wanted to actually come back onto the Mojo forum to say that this site / course really helped me with my ED and I haven’t really had issues since the 1st week of the course (give or take some small moments of ED but I was able to get over it quickly in the moment).
For me what helps most

  1. Focusing on the sensations and what feels good (penis and all around my body)
  2. Being very open with my partner and talking it all through
  3. Completely cut out porn and minimised masturbation
  4. Acknowledging that my penis can have moments where it’s not fully erect and thats fine… it will go and come back.
    I really hope this can help someone else out there often you only hear doomsday stories because if people get over ED they aren’t going to come back and write anything.
    All the best out there!