Have you ever told anyone that you have erection issues? How did they react?

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I am 35 and had never told anyone. Have been secretly relying on viagra to have sex.

I recently met someone who I really like. I was absolutely dreading telling her but keeping it secret felt even worse.

So i told her literally today. She has responded so well. I do have some anxiety about how it will affect things going forward. But overall im so glad i shared. Really wish I hadn’t kept it secret so long (entire adult life)- shame over this is such a waste of time!


I am a woman seeking help in my marriage. Is there a woman’s MOJO spot or can you direct me someplace else


I am currently talking to my partner about this. She believes I have a physical problem versus a psychological problem. I have had both of my hips repaired as well as had a vasectomy in the past. I am frustrated and am getting anxiety as it pertains to the bedroom. My partner is also 18 years younger than me (I am 50) and I worry about being able to please her as she is a very sexual individual.

girlfriend and my best mate, both were very supportive

Numerous times, mostly with partners where it became an issue (and AFTER it became an issue). Most of the time they were very understanding, but that rarely if ever helped the erection situation for me. Still working on this and will try to have these conversations BEFORE sex.

I’m actually glad to see a woman here. I wish my ex-girlfriend took time to understand what I was feeling during this

I was talking about my issue to a very good buddy of mine. He was supportive and it was revealed that he had struggle as well. We both had the problem of masturbating and watching to much porn. And he suggested that i try to use my imagination more and listen to my body. And in sharing the struggles the bond grows. So I incourage you to talk to a good friend or your partner

She thought we shared sorfi

My current partner found a discarded viagra box, they asked me about it and I confessed to having troubles, they hadn’t realised there was an issue at all, despite me thinking that even with the pills I was struggling and somehow subpar in my abilities. I’m not the kind person f person who boats or bugs themselves up, I’d sooner put myself down for something stupid and I think this gets in the way with a lot of things. My current partner has a lot of experience and they tel me I’m good in bed and out of bed, but I’ll always find a reason to not believe them.
The only other person I’ve ever spoken about it with is my younger brother whom we share a traumatic childhood experience of sexual abuse. We try and help each other with things we find helpful and comfort each other when we are down

Yes, in a recent interaction with someone I had erectile issues and I had to explain to him that it wasn’t anything he was doing or any lack of sexual attraction, but that it was something that I was dealing with, that I sometimes had performance anxiety. And that I especially had this issue with guys that I was particularly attracted to. He seemed to understand and was patient with me. A week later we connected again, and the ED was not present and we had a pleasurable time together.

Yes, I have had the conversation about my erection issues with multiple sexual partners who had all either experienced it themselves or had similar conversations with other partners.

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It was quite obvious to my wife of 25 years that I had ED issues but open communication and really excellent support from the mojo app helped me explain my problem and dare I say it, solve them

Yes but not before we had already tried to have sex. And when I didn’t get hard she thought it might somehow be to do with her. Having since talked things through she no longer worries about being at fault and I no longer feel so weighed down by expectations. And this has had a great impact on our sex lives.

Hi. I’m 48, have an artificial hip, vasectomy and groin hernia surgery. In my case it is 100% psychological not physical. So while in your case it may be physical, nothing you have written about your circumstances suggest that it has to be physical, whatever your partner believes. I have also worried about being able to please my partner. I’ve found that exploring my own self-imposed expectations of myself and talking that through with her has helped relax me. And when I’m relaxed things are mostly fine. Good luck!

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I told my my girlfriend. She was so supportive and her love and caring brought me to tears - I never realised how hard it was for me to talk (properly) about these issues.

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i told my boss at work and he said that its happened to him and all he does to fix it is “fuck off for an hour or two and get his mind off it”. Basically reset his mind. It seems to be easy for him to reset.

To my wife. She didnt say much. My problem was sexual position specific in the beginning. She rightfully pointed out that the relevant position is the only position in which she can reach an orgasm. I didnt know what to say. We got stuck there.

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Yes I did, I told my current partner and she is very supportive, I’ve been having much better a time at getting an erection and staying hard.

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I have multiple times & each time I became more confident in myself and reminded that it’s not worth beating myself over. Putting yourself in a place of vulnerability & hearing the kind & caring responses only made me feel that much more aware that I’m putting too much pressure on myself. I’ve since realized that I need to be more self confident and approach any interaction sexual or not with no expectation. Not allowing myself to sabotage an encounter before it happens & being more in tuned with the other senses of my body.

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