Whatever your relationship status, how do you feel about discussing your erection issues with a partner?

Have you done it before? What was the outcome?


I don’t like it obviously but she’s been very graciously. Shockingly so even.

I was apprehensive about it at first with previous partners, but have found that most women are very understanding and it helps me a lot to get it off my chest by putting it out in the open.

I feel more comfortable. If my partner is interested sexually already. Then I know having the convo will only enhance the bedroom experience. We can find a way together-it’ll be better than resisting. And if we come through it she’ll feel recognition. It’d be a better bond. If I feel the need I will say it. And to worry isn’t necessary because I can always be honest. It’ll relieve pressure.

Worst case she gets up and leaves. And then best case we have sex and or a connection.

It was the worse thing ever … she didnt understand it. She thought im not interested

Not even Batman could get me to admit I’ve got erection problems.

I can be very open with my girl. She listens and by talking about it I have been able to overcome it. It was almost like a burden she helped to carry me overcome with me. This shit must be talked about.

We discuss it openly and work together

I would be comfortable having this conversation after first failed erection

Very confident. Her encouragement is why I’m taking this course.

Never easy, but we’ve covered a lot of ground.

I’ve discussed it with her and it has been an enormous relief. She’s been very supportive and wants to work through it together

I’ve been open in the past but need to do a better job of communicating. My partner is very loving and understanding

It sucks doing it but it’s not like he doesn’t know. Might as well talk about it.

I’m ok with it , it’s takes a lot of expectantcy off and therefore the pressure to perform

Not having the conversation actually made things odd… eventually we had, but after failing to have sex. We now talk about it with no problem, but definitly if I had done it before, it’d be much better and release the pressure

I just did it today for the first time and we actually had great sex immediately after

It had led to arguments in the early days but it’s slowly getting better.

I haven’t felt the best about the topic. However, through these programs I’ve been more confident in what I’m capable of doing in the event it doesn’t work like I want it to. It’s giving me more power and control and eliminating variables so I’ll give it a try optimistically.