Whatever your relationship status, how do you feel about discussing your erection issues with a partner?

I actually had this conversation a few days after starting this app.

I found that it really did take the pressure off the situation.

When I did finally get hard my lady friend said she was so happy. She said she felt like she accomplished something.

That made me feel like I accomplished something too, and in turn boosted my confidence.

Communication works y’all. It’s tough to talk about but you’ll feel so much better once you do.

And if your girl doesn’t react well or doesn’t want to help out, well then she probably ain’t the one for you.

No issue

Am very comfortable with it with old partners but I feel anxious talking about it with a new partner.

I dont have a partner, but im not sure about outright admitting i have ED to a one night stand… feels too heavy a conversation, even if i could try to make it as a light thing

Not comfortable. I tend to not burden others with whats going on in my life. So I’ve only told one person ever about it


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I have just started a new relationship after a year long break I took from dating due to my erection issue coming completely out of the blue while casually dating and having ONS’s last year. This time we have taken it very slowly, about 4/5 dates before having sex and we were going to spend the entire weekend together. The first time with her everything was going well at first, I’d been using all the mojo techniques like mad in the week leading up to this date and even when the first time I started to have issues when transitioning from foreplay into penetration I stayed calm and still managed to enjoy it. I lost my erection and kinda hinted that I had some issues but didn’t go into any detail. She was very understanding and we took a break, a while later we did oral and I managed to maintain an erection and cum. Over the weekend we then had sex twice more and I didn’t really experience any issues at all, some anxiety but I managed to get hard, stay hard and cum. But now this week for some reason I am starting to worry quite a lot about what will happen next time. She seems so understanding so I think telling her wouldn’t damage the relationship, which is becoming quite intense quite quickly, but I am very nervous about explaining in detail what my situation is.

Initially i had an instant response from penis. Like it took off the pressure from having sex. But they’re uncomfortable conversations that would happen after things didn’t work out. I think by getting ahead of it and bringing it up early will help get out of my head

I have this issue from a long time and my partner is aware of it since the beginning and really patient enough to have faith in me.

Since she’s my wife I feel comfortable with it and it took a lot of tension out. It actually helped to discuss our likes and desires and that helped a lot!

Nervous, but I trust her with my heart and my feelings. She has been a blessing in this way

I didn’t feel comfortable at all, but she was very understanding and disposed to help.


It was hard to discuss at first, but my issues and struggles were obvious. My wife, then girlfriend opened the conversation and it was really helpful to be able to discuss my issues with having trouble orgasming.

I feel great, I already do, she’s stuck with me the whole way, our relationship is built on honesty and openness


Open with partners, but not comfortable discussing with hookups

A bit clunky but I try to be open and make sure she realises its not her fault but there are some things we can do to help it.

very important

feels very important!