Whatever your relationship status, how do you feel about discussing your erection issues with a partner?

It’s almost not a problem anymore after 2 months on mojo. But I wish I had shared it before.

Makes sense to relieve the pressure

I currently have a very understanding partner who I talked about it with beforehand, so when it happened it was a lot easier to explain and she reassured me things were fine. We then just relaxed and later had sex again once I was able to get out of my head.

But I’ve also noticed that women I’ve had this issue with in the past have been understanding for the most part, so I really think it’s something that can be discussed more openly, anxiety and catastrophizing just lead us to believe that it sounds crazier than it is.

I feel like if l were to bring it up it would increase the focus on it and make it worse. Like once it happens once l go into a tailspin and it almost gets worse every time thereafter. It’s impossible not to think about it once it’s happened once.

I’ve tried and it went really badly, I’ve suffered for awhile and she blames herself making it worse. Not sure how else to explain it as I’m taking all the responsibility.

I’ve gotten better at it. It was hard because at first it was devastating for my partner. The issue seemed to come from nowhere, taking us both by surprise. And then began my vicious cycle. My ownership of the problem and willingness to explore solutions that include her has helped a ton.

It’s hard, but she has been very supportive

Worthwhile. It eases my anxiety a bit if they are on the same page. If the situation turns out that they are not accepting, it is not a partner that I want to be with anyway

I have never discussed my ED with anyone, let alone a sexual partner before but after starting mojo I feel like there is nothing to lose by having this conversation

I’ve realized a lot of my issues come from the potential judgement of my partner so this would likely lift a huge burden off my shoulders and help me relax more in sexual situations.

I am about to see a girl for the first time after not dating for a very long time. I am really excited to own the issue of performance anxiety before it comes up in bed. Obviously I won’t lead with this subject, but finally taking ownership is really an exciting idea to me.

I felt nervous once I realised it wasn’t just going to go away so I had to tell her, but since telling her what is my most personal and vulnerable state I’ve never felt more cared for, loved, and supported, and feel I can be more patient in the road to recovery. So spread the word! It’ll bring you together to approach the problem as a team

Difficult, little bit ashamed of it. However in my current new relation I have to talk about it, its to obvious now

I have learnt recently that with even casual relationships, it is always better to open up about these issues prior to any sexual encounters. My general experience of this has been positive, the girls who I’ve shared this with have been understand and agreed not to put top much pressure on what happens and just have fun and take it slow. One girl even said she was glad I brought it up before our first sexual encounter as it would have been a lot more awkward had I had an issue in the moment and she didn’t know about it.

I feel like most people would understand, I’m just afraid of the off chance of someone being cruel
But I guess that is where confidence and courage play in.

My wife has been very understanding and we are in this together. She has her own struggles and understands this is somewhat related to mine but together we are working through.

I feel fine, all of them always reacted positively. But lately, because it is becoming serious with one and feelings are there, I just go deeper into the mental hole that I cannot fully pleasure her if I don’t get hard. And now I don’t even feeling like trying anymore…

100% open

I feel it can help but i feel my partner may not be supportive as i have tried it before and it didn’t work.


I have done