Building confidence!

I tried Sildenafil, a second time, and about an hour+ in advance, this time and it worked great!

I believe the source of my anxiety is fear of rejection (this is my first sexual relationship following a horrible divorce).

This has been my first time dealing with erection dysfunction, and it’s in a brand new relationship, and I was dealing with the “what if it happens again” spiral. It definitely helped to talk with my partner about it, too.

The soft penis pleasuring activity surprised me. I ended up gaining an erection, which created a thought that everything was OK with my dick, which helped replace some of the worrisome thoughts that something was wrong and getting worse.

So it was a super big deal, to me, to be able to get past the erection issue and restore some confidence. My girlfriend has been incredibly understanding and supportive, which I am SO grateful for (and said so)!

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I agree and in a similar boat - the soft penis pleasuring has been the most effective exercise for me. Really helps you quiet the inner critic and realize there’s nothing wrong with your penis


Glad to hear your experience. I got divorced in November and had 2 tough experiences with 2 different women related to not being able to get it up. Ultimately, it was fine and we did intimacy in other ways, but it was pretty embarrassing for me. I’ve yet to try again and I’m a little nervous, but I’ve been getting good results with with the exercises solo so I’m pretty eager to try again. Keep at it and best of luck to you!