Anxiety killing erections

Does anyone else, when they’re feeling horny get a sudden rush of anxiety that kills their erection ?

It’s like my body fears horniness and just rushed all the blood away elsewhere leading to rapid breathing and body wide anxiety.

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Yep, 100%.

But you can get over that. It’s Performance Anxiety.

Stick with the program and pay special attention to the lectures and meditation.

It was a slow evolution for me. I was so worried about letting her down and paying way too much attention to my own erection that I would kill it before anything good happened.

We communicated. We lowered expectations (slowly, over time). I realized that I had already hit rock bottom and I couldn’t do any more damage to our relationship. I worked the kegel and stretch exercises to get a little more confidence physically - and then we both had patience, worked at it, and made it happen. Took five months for me to go through all this, but we seem to be on the other side of it now with two straight sex wins and counting. Confidence and interest are both coming back bit by bit for me.

Hang in there, and do the whole program.


Thank you for sharing that with me :slight_smile: Its helpful to have a timeframe to work with and know it’s not just me !


Absolutely! Especially when it comes to penetration I get VERY anxious. Sometimes it’s helped for me to mentally tell myself I can do it. I cheer myself on. Ultimately it is about relaxing. Tell your partner you’re anxious. I’ve found that good communication has helped me the most to build trust and relax.


I joined this app because of that, need to learn to relax, as I know it’s not physical but easier said than done, still in the early phases of this so glad to know there is a way out of the tunnel


That’s exactly why I joined this app. Same exact thing has happened to me and it’s NEVER been an issue in the past. All of a sudden I have performance anxiety and it’s taking a toll on our relationship.


Guys be gratefull you have a partner to go through this situation with. It’s so hatd to go trought sex anxiety by yourself, it makes you isolate and avoid looking for relationships because of the fear of not getting it up.

I’m in the exact same boat ! It’s comforting knowing others are in it too and have gotten better.

Yes, can relate and fully know its performance related. It happened once, once became twice and so on, to the point I have been expecting it to happen. I feel myself lock up and tense just before. She’s aware and let’s just say we’ve both established it’s not a physical thing but definitely a mental one. Working on it :+1:t2:

And… the feeling hot… I’ve never experienced this before… but if I lose my boner… I then get incredibly hot… it’s awful… then it all goes wrong…
Box breathing… talking to my partner … it’s working boys… it’s working…


I didn’t feel like this deserved a full post but I had a glass of wine to relax and me and my girlfriend had an amazing session.

I couldn’t cum from sex but we went at it for like 40+ min ( measurement is in netflix show episodes ) and I came after she finished me off.

The issues are mental boys ! Quit porn and communicate with your partner !

Same here! I am happy I found the secret society of people with the same issue :slight_smile: I really felt alone with this problem before.

Yes. I have Performance Anxiety. I would get hard and start to masterbate while imagining having sex outdoors only to go soft before coming.:frowning: Apologies for oversharing.