My performance anxiety, why did it start, how should i cure it?

Im 23. I had a girlfriend for 2 years, never had anxiety, after that relationship, I also had some one-night stands, and I didnt have problem, but later on it started, I couldnt get an erection at bed with a girl, I dont know what caused this because i didnt have any bad experience. Anyway it became worse and worse, last time when I wanted to have sex, I started shaking and sweating, the girl was understanding we cuddled and talked about it even, but nothing could help. So here Im now, Im already get anxious when I want to start flirting with a girl, so please help me. Do I need viagra or not, how can I heal myself. I dont have a relationship and I want to solve the problem myself. One more question, with viagra its 100% i get erection or even than if im too anxious I will have problems?

Hey Zeroth. I can’t say why it happened or why it continues, but I can say I’ve experienced a lot of this myself. One thing that has helped me, is not going for the one night stand sex. Whenever I do, I end up with all the anxiety and physical reactions you are describing. I tend to do much better after hooking up with a woman a few times. I can also say that Viagra does not cure this physical reaction. It doesn’t just simply make you hard. If you are so anxious that you are having a phsyical response, in my experience, it doesn’t work. It does work when you are more comfortable. I’ve used it many times. For safety reasons, of course consult a doctor. In my experience, it has helped me in situations where I know the woman and just need that little reassurance and guarantee to make it happen. Hang in there. I bet if you get into another relationship, give it some time, you’ll be just fine. Stay positive and do some of the relaxation techniques on mojo. They do seem to help a lot.