Performance Anxiety with new partners

Sorry this is a long one!

So I’ve decided to start dating again after an over 2 year dry spell - Covid and lockdown has played a part in this somewhat too. Before this I had suffered from performance anxiety which stems from coming off antidepressants and it doing weird stuff to me for a good year or 2. Basically when I came off them, I could get hard no problem but then I’d finish within seconds with no sensation or build up and just ejaculating out of nowhere. This happened a couple of times which gave me anxiety and made me not want to date/hook up with anyone due to the embarrassment.

I know it’s all psychological because I can get hard in the right moments and I do have morning wood a lot of the time.

Fast forward to a couple of months later and this issue had long stopped during masturbation so I just thought it would be ok to try again. I met someone I vibed with, extremely mutual sexual attraction and we hooked up soon after. The performance anxiety was there and I struggled to stay completely hard to begin with due to the process of putting on a condom and maybe a bit of performance anxiety but compared to the last few times, it was a success and managed a to have sex a couple of times with the third just not happening which isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, really.

Few weeks later and this girl and I stop dating due to a few things and it kinda knocked me through a loop in terms of self esteem goes and I thought it would be a good idea to have a one night stand a couple of weeks later in which I couldn’t really get hard on my own without pleasuring myself first and even then I couldn’t stay hard for long enough. Probably a bad idea to have sex again right after that but it’s given me confidence issues to be honest.

Now I’m planning on meeting someone I’ve liked for a long time this week and the memory of that last time is stuck in my head and I would hate to not be able to have sex with her if that’s what’s happening. My GP prescribed me viagra and I’m considering just taking half a pill before sex if the opportunity does arise just to get over that anxiety beforehand. My GP said it might be a good idea just to overcome the psychological aspect of being intimate with her and I might be fine after I get more comfortable.

I think this problem stems from those times I came off the meds and it made me a 5 second wonder whilst they were exiting my system. Now it’s been 5 years off them and that one time I was relatively fine in the bedroom in comparison and I just need to get out of my head.

Any advice/similar situations here? Thanks a lot in advance!