Struggle with Size Anxiety?

Haven’t seen a lot on here about size anxiety affecting erections. Hoping I’m not alone. My inner critic gets really loud about this. “You’re not big enough, you’re disappointing, etc.” I’m squarely average (trust, I’ve done the research, haha) but it doesn’t matter. It’s still there. Just hoping I’m not alone.


I understand. My IC, when she is grinding against me because Ive hit the right spot, is saying “she needs another inch for you to get it right”. And maybe she would enjoy that, but when she is on her 3rd or 4th orgasm I should be satisfied that my little guy is enough.
Don’t let the mental game beat you up. I am learning to try to clear my head and enjoy the moment.

If you’re average, you really don’t have much to worry about. I’m slightly above average, and a former lover said I was perfect. She had had bigger, and said it hurts. I know that I’ve had erections where the blood was really flowing, and I was bigger/wider than my normal size. My wife complained that it was uncomfortable.

Given that most women can’t orgasm from penetration alone, I wouldn’t get too focused on your size.

I’m very insecure about my flaccid size this is one of the reasons why I go into panic mode because I think if I lose my erection she’ll think I’m small

Totally with you on this one! I know factually that I’m not a bad size (if such thing exists) but it doesn’t stop my inner critic making me think that i’m small

I’m not sure where I sit size wise, maybe bigger than average, but that usually is not the cause of my issues. I’ve been married and having sex with the same woman for 11 years and she thinks I have a big one. I’m grateful I don’t have to worry about size being fed to me by my inner critic.

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I am in the same boat. I am a grower not a shower and at times I can be smaller than average. Before I get intimate I have anxiety about being small which prevents me from getting in the zone. My inner critic brings up “wow she won’t like that’ ‘is it weird that you are this small while being next to this gorgeous girl” “what if she touches it while you re this small” I get nervous and honestly don’t want her to see so instead I try to get myself going first over the pants(if you know what I mean) it works but I lose it shortly after I stop and then the anxiety and inner critic come back. With this issue it has broken down my confidence and makes me smaller than normal…its an awful thing but I am trying to stay positive and figure out ways to love my body again and build up the confidence.

I’m gay, so instead of an inner critic I’m faced with the comparison of my sexual partners’ packages. I’ve been on both sides of the equation, and it has led to me not being able to perform when I feel smaller or inadequate.

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You’re not alone, that’s what my inner critic tells me. Now approaching 50 it’s been there all my life. I’ve only had sex with my wife (still together), there were probably other opportunities when I was younger but never had the confidence. My wife has repeatedly told me there are no issues size wise but the inner critic still pipes up and the erection disappears. It has got to the point where I’m not even initiating sex as I get anxious about whether it’ll work…

This has been top of my list all my life. I’m gay, I’m 40 now and only really starting to accept my size. Proper average, good girth but still think it’s 1" long in my head. However some of the best sex I’ve had has been with men who are equal or smaller than me. I’ve seen a few dicks 8" and bigger and the men always expected the size to do the work. It doesn’t.

I used to have issues with insecurities about my penis size. What really helped was repeated reassurance from my sexual partners that they really enjoy having sex with me, and that my penis size really works for them.
Then the final step was for me to actually believe them at their word instead of second guessing them. After that, I never felt insecure.

I struggled with this most my life but the app has really helped me with it. I think it’s mainly the soft penis pleasuring exercise - I really love my penis now I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks haha. I also have been applying coconut oil twice a day to my genitals and while obviously it doesn’t make your penis bigger, it’s made me much more comfortable with my soft penis (I’m a grower not a shower hence the size and erection anxiety). I swear it’s also made it nicer to look at when soft, like it’s smoother and less shrivelled for lack of a better word

Same…it screams it at me constantly

I beat myself up by always telling myself I’m small. My partner tells me I’m the perfect size, but mentally I’m not allowing myself to believe that’s true.

I relate. I’m likely smaller than average. Sometimes I think of what it would be like to be a woman with smaller than average breasts. I’ve seen beautiful women with small breasts. I also remember that we are made of atoms which are 99.9 percent energy and .1 percent physical substance. I want to care for and develop all of me but especially my 99.9%. Confidence from divine connection and self esteem, can create a very attractive, freed up energy. Lastly, I went to a giant nude sauna/spa experience at the Oregon country fair this summer. I could fel this shared responsibility and agreement between everyone as fellow humans that we would see each other as more than our bodies. I hoped that people would see me as more than a body, and I want to extend that to others. It’s difficult work for me, but it helps.

You are not alone regarding size. I am in my 50’s and have been with my wife for 36 years and she is the only woman I have ever had sex with….doesn’t happen often successfully. Not a day goes by where my size doesn’t causes me anxiety and pain.

I too am a grower and when flaccid I am way below average. I have struggled with ED issues since the first time I attempted sex at 17. Of course the more anxious and frustrated that I am not getting an erection the small my dick gets. It is humiliating when my wife touches me and I am totally shriveled up. Most of the time I push her hand away and I focus 100% on giving her pleasure orally and with my hands. Almost never do my sexual needs get attention. Have tried ED meds with no success.

Soft penis pleasuring was torture for me. I found no pleasure in touching a small shriveled up cock. When your flaccid penis has caused you pain since high school getting teased in the locker room and a girlfriend laughing at you and breaking up because I was so small, the pain seems to never go away.

Halfway through Mojo phases and no noticeable improvements yet. Feel like I am a lost cause and will never get to experience what most normal men experience having stress free pleasurable sex.

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I hate having sex , I’ve had a sexual experience 1 a year for 5 years each of them being absolutely miserable, I don’t have a small or large cock 5.5 - 6.5” depending on arousal & my body weight. I never really worried out this shit when I was younger, just went with the flow. I’ve had a rough trot with addiction & what not for 10 years 25-35 I am now 37. I am a good looking friendly person ( or so I am told ) people can’t understand why I’m single, I would rather curl up in a ball & die then have a sexual encounter, I just had my yearly one which was garbage as always.

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I’ve always innately struggled with size anxiety starting as a team mostly because I’m a grower and not a shower. I’m average erect and my partners have always been fine with my size and even told me I’m average but can’t get out of my head being small flaccid. It usually affects me the first few times I’m having sex with someone and it blows. Hoping this app can help

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Same. Except I really am under average. My partner does and says everything to ease my mind but that’s one big factor to my inner critic.

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Me too. I am definitely not small, in fact I am above average. But my inner critic always gets really loud for some reason. I also struggle with this

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