Small penis anxiety?

Hi - ok, this is probably my deepest insecurity and the thing that I think holds me back the most. So my penis is definitely on the smaller side…it’s certainly not the smallest penis in the world, but I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m sure it’s below average. Even though no one has specifically commented on it, I have INTENSE insecurity that I won’t be enough, and that there’s nothing I can do to have penetrative sex. This in my opinion has been the main catalyst for my erectile issues when I’ve been with women…I get terrified that my full boner won’t be enough to please them, so my body automatically doesn’t let me get a boner in the first place so we don’t even have to get to that point. I’m scared to have a full erection in front of someone because I don’t want them to see me and feel like I’m not enough

Has anyone dealt with this? If so, how have you worked to get over these body insecurities? It’s something I think about WAY too much, and I would really like to get to a place where I’m comfortable enough with someone to be open about it…hopefully then I’ll be able to get an erection in front of them and be content with how I look

I also don’t know if anyone has any advice for if I ever do get to that point, the best methods for sex with a small penis. Any recommended positions?

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I understand… I understand…

Unless you have a micropenis you should be fine. 4 inches and above is good enough for a girl. But also make sure your partner also cums as that will make her satisfied. Dont show you are anxious about it as that will make the issue worse.

Thank you for posting this. Man, to say I understand is an understatement. I posted a new topic about this earlier hoping to get some feedback as well. I’m average sized. but it doesn’t matter. I think about my dick size all the time. I’m constantly checking bulges on other dudes and shaming myself for being smaller than whatever I decide they’re packing…which I’m sure has no basis in reality. It’s like self-torture. My partner assures me I’m not small, but I don’t believe it. It’s like I can’t convince myself that I could actually satisfy anyone…ever. I’ve somehow made myself believe I’m less of a person because I don’t have a big dick. It’s such a mind-fuck. I don’t have any sage advice, but know you aren’t alone. And the messages we get from TV, social media, etc. don’t help. There’s always a small dick joke in there somewhere. It’s a social norm to make those who are average or smaller feel less-than. So, no wonder we feel like we can’t satisfy anyone. The messages are everywhere and our brain gets trained to believe them. Sucks. I read a great book called The Small Penis Bible by Ant Smith and it was actually pretty helpful. It’s on Amazon if interested. Put things into perspective and lighted up the seriousness I felt around the issue.