Insecurity with size

I never had ED issues until I started a new relationship. His penis is considerably larger than mine and it causes me a lot of anxiety and insecurity. I think this is a source of my ED issues. Anyone else ever deal with this?

Oh yeah. Size insecurity is a huge thing. My early experiences were with guys with much bigger cocks. Like 6th grade truth or dare and my friend was rocking 8.5 inches. And it’s everywhere – sitcoms, stand-up comedians, online, exes and past partners who shame you. Even though I’ve been with people smaller than me, people who couldn’t take me anally, people that like my dick, you always feel like it’s not enough. Personally, I don’t like big dicks and find smaller ones easier to work with all around. I also try to make sure people don’t feel bad about size cumming fast, their body, etc. But not everyone is so kind. And it’s those unkind experiences, even if they are less than the kind or positive ones, that have the greatest impact on us. At least you have someone who is interested and in a relationship with you. Trust that they like you as a whole. You’re more than just a dick, and you probably satisfy him in many ways, not just sexually. And having that connection will make the sex better. Believe in yourself and try not to worry about the size difference. You’re more than your cock, and he likes you for you.


It all comes down to looking for any reason to compare… Fitter, bigger dick etc etc.

I guess different people are into different things. Tbh I worry about me if I’m dmaller, but if it’s the other way round the thought never enters my head.
Some of the best sex I’ve had is with people smaller, size doesn’t make it better but it gets stereotyped by everyone about being important.

Definitely understand the size issue. I’m 6’5 with 5.5 inch. Guys always assume I must be big and then I tell them I’m not hung and then I can’t get hard so it becomes a cycle of shame.


Average dick on a 6’4" frame is what i struggle with as well. I underatand that it works but it seems misproportioned and that people expect more.

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I would ask your partner what he likes about your penis. Chances are he’s not going to mention size, and that could give you a confidence boost. I look at things like the shape and smoothness of the head, the proportion between the head and the shaft, the curvature, etc. And honestly i prefer penises that are average or slightly smaller than average. Both oral and anal can be a pain (literally) with a dick that’s too big.