Strong erections, until intercourse

I find myself with perfectly good erections, aroused by my partner, but when it comes to intercourse I can’t seem to keep it up. Sometimes it lasts longer, sometimes I almost immediately lose it after penetrating. Does anyone else have this issue? I’ll admit I’m not the most experienced, so am not totally used to the sensations of sex. I’m guessing I enjoy the feelings of foreplay more than the full shebang? I want to enjoy the feelings of intercourse more than I do, but am not sure how to go about this. Should I be using a specific course on here? Practicing with fleshlights? I even wonder if I’m using too much/too little lube. I’ve tried various positions but to no avail. I’d appreciate others thoughts and experiences.

Fleshlights are shit LOL. I think you’re just nervous. I did the meditations on offer here and my similar issues disappeared overnight. Have you tried them?

I gathered that quite quickly haha. They’ve been suggested to me, and I had a look but not really given them too much time yet. Is there a specific one you’d recommend? I just find myself never really getting anywhere when doing meditations

They were the second week of the course and it changed everything for me. Just learning to calm my mind and focus on my wife’s pussy when I was inside her, to tbh

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Yes, I know this experience well. In my younger days it was connected with fear of pregnancy, and trying to put a condom on always killed it. Eventually it just started to get better by itself but any stressful external situation saw it return.
In my early 50s I had a vasectomy and that cured it for good, or so I thought but it came back again when my last relationship became unstable and I began to worry about it happening .I tried the meditations ,and although they made sense the subconscious fear always seems to get the better of me. Cialis 5mg a day does help which is strange as the expects on here says it doesn’t work for psychogenic ED but it clearly does for me and lots of others too!

I just signed up today. I have Had similar issues but it’s weird because it happens in seasons.
I am recently married and we are wanting to have a baby. Our honeymoon - I had No issues and we had sex multiple times . But a few times I lost My erection and then all these thoughts get in my head . Can someone suggest what is the best way to start on this Mojo program

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I haven’t been hard or felt anything in a week down there. I don’t know why but I really want to fuck. The girl I am with is great and is waiting for me to get this fixed but I don’t know why I can’t get hard no matter what I do.

I had a similar issue. Then I started to change my way fo masturbating. Maybe we can get in contact and find the cause of your issue .

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Hey, thanks for sharing. It’s interesting to hear as this is what I feel I need to be doing. I will try and private message you.

What’s helped me the most so far is the breathing box exercise. Sometimes like you, I was good to go before intercourse. But once we got going, I started to doubt that I was as hard as I thought. (And if she’s really wet/or we’re using lots of lube, it made it worse because there was less sensation.) And as soon as I lost that little confidence, it was a fast track to going soft. The breathing routine took the attention away from doubting I could stay hard to being in the moment. Still early, but I’m encouraged. Good luck.

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In the back of my mind , im thinking im going to lose this erection so I feel I need to cum as fast as I can before I go soft. Does anyone else have these thought?

That awesome . Will try that . Did you do the exercises while having sex

I wish I was in that position. I find myself waking up with a strange sensation knowing I won’t be able to make it work. It will be all I think about all day. But yes I feel that problem as well.

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I had the same problem when I got married and started having sex for the first time. It took several tries—maybe even weeks—to accomplish successful penetration/intercourse. I don’t remember exactly what I did back then, but I’d guess it was mostly a matter of getting comfortable. (I was part of a strict religion and had repressed my sexuality for many years, which I’ve only come to understand recently and am working through it.) You’re not alone and you’re in a good place to help you figure it out.

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Dude. I have the exact opposite issue. I often can’t get it up when masterbating, and its often soft until she starts playing with it. I guess this goes to show how different everybody’s bodies are. Its particularly confusing for me because when I want to pleasure myself, its not there. Whaaaaaats happening???

I’ve struggled with maintaining erections in the moment after I’ve gotten really aroused and gotten a strong erection and then the erection going down immediately as I move to put on a condom and stick it in


I have had similar experiences. Staying hard for penetration has been a problem but when getting head I’m all good. I’m hoping thru this program I’ll get back to my true self. It’s a good feeling that I’m not alone in this venture


I’ve had issues for years my arc life has been one full of pressure Both from myself and certain partners, I find myself unable to get out of my head and my erections disappear as soon as penetration occurs and sometimes when I’m in fire play when I’m really anxious

Yes, I did the breathing exercise during sex. It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be.


Erection goes dead or comes before sex when it’s time to go