Strong erections, until intercourse

I find myself with perfectly good erections, aroused by my partner, but when it comes to intercourse I can’t seem to keep it up. Sometimes it lasts longer, sometimes I almost immediately lose it after penetrating. Does anyone else have this issue? I’ll admit I’m not the most experienced, so am not totally used to the sensations of sex. I’m guessing I enjoy the feelings of foreplay more than the full shebang? I want to enjoy the feelings of intercourse more than I do, but am not sure how to go about this. Should I be using a specific course on here? Practicing with fleshlights? I even wonder if I’m using too much/too little lube. I’ve tried various positions but to no avail. I’d appreciate others thoughts and experiences.

Fleshlights are shit LOL. I think you’re just nervous. I did the meditations on offer here and my similar issues disappeared overnight. Have you tried them?

I gathered that quite quickly haha. They’ve been suggested to me, and I had a look but not really given them too much time yet. Is there a specific one you’d recommend? I just find myself never really getting anywhere when doing meditations

They were the second week of the course and it changed everything for me. Just learning to calm my mind and focus on my wife’s pussy when I was inside her, to tbh