Post break up SPA

I am a virgin and I get hard but not enough for penetration. What could be the cause?

Oh I get this! Married for 10 years, two kids later for the last few years… morning glory not an issue, no problem with ‘virtual’ stimulus. But can flatline when masterbating (not always) but can’t seem to keep it up when it really matters!

Going through that right now.

You are anxious about how it will be, if you are gonna cum tu quickly, if you’ll know how to please your partner etc. Try to speak about your feelings with your partner.

I’m experiencing a very similar thing. I got out of an 18 year relationship with someone I was very attracted to and loved very much. I have a girlfriend now and after the excitement of the first few times, I started losing my erections and struggling to ejaculate. I must say that I’m insanely attracted to this woman and she’s got to be at least twice as pretty and sexy as my ex. The thing is, it’s doesn’t matter at all. I’m in full spectating mode and feel it happening before it even starts. I feel almost not in the room and it feels like a sick joke. I’m finally happy and with someone who’s really into me and insanely hot…and I’m unable to be present.

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I’ve been married for a year now. My wife had 2 daughters before me, and now we have a 3 year old son together. I’ve never had an issue with sex while we were dating and in separate places. But once we moved together, i felt like the stress just piled on. I feel like I can pleasure my wife the way she wants. I feel as if I can’t hold an erection. I feel like I ejaculate too fast, and I can’t get out of my head. It’s bothering me because I can see it affecting her. I don’t want to make her feel as if she’s not desired or wanted. But as soon as I’m in a position to penetrate I get a deep feeling of anxiety come over me. Sometimes, the feeling is very passive, but all it takes is one doubtful thought to send me back into a downward spiral. I don’t want to keep putting this emotional strain on my wife. And to make matters worse, we’re currently trying to have a baby and I just feel worthless. I don’t have anyone to talk to in my life…, we’ve been in a bad financial place lately, and I’m trying to do everything I can to pull us out. I was never taught how to be intimate or how to build a connection with the person you were with. I learn everything from porn as a child. I was addicted to it for a long time until I saw how it was affecting my marriage. I don’t know. I just feel like a failure. I put on a smile day to day because I don’t want anyone to see how much I’m hurting inside, and I fear that I’m going to ruin my marriage. I don’t want to break her while I’m trying to fix myself. I’m sorry to unload like this. I’m just the lowest I have ever been in my life and I feel horrible.

I hope someone can help me figure it out. My problem is maintaining an erection. In the middle of sex when I start trying to hold the ejaculation multiple times without ejaculating is after that when I loose my erection. What is it? Also previously months ago I used steroids for a short period but got tested after the cycle and I am fully healthy, so it’s definitely psychological. Before that I use to do the same thing, hold my ejaculation, and never had problems with that.

100%. Divorce following 15 years. Never had problems with erections. Now seeing someone who is absolutely amazing in every way and so beautiful. Have had major problems on our nights away. I think maybe I’m just so invested in her that I’m terrified of ruining it. Perhaps this is the same with you?

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Pretty wild admission on my part. I began dating a girl my junior year of college. I cheated on her this one time my senior year of college and then had some issues maintaining an erection after. It was probably the guilt.

I began taking ED pills however I could find them back then. Graduated college, eventually started buying from Ro. I was sneakily taking it preemptively to have sex.

We broke up at the end of 2019 and I have had a fun single life due in part to the viagra that I get and sneakily have taken from Ro.

I’m here because I’m 28 years old, healthy, have a great job, and feel like I’m crushing all aspects of life other than the fact that I have barely even tried to have sex without taking viagra for like 5 years.

Tbh I don’t know where to start but this seems like a reasonable next step.

Me too

Just wondering if anyone can relate or have any solutions , I’m on mojo a few weeks now and finding no improvements , I’ve no problems getting erections with my girlfriend until it comes to sex , when we are in a place we can have sex I can’t get an erection , this has led to me having an insecurity and now I can’t help myself but spectate , I can not seem to break out of it

Hi guys,

I’ve noticed that not all are responding to your situation specifically, and I think that’s okay. Mostly what I’ve read is guys asking for help and sharing a little history of their own.

It’s nice to share and relate but we’re all desperate for solutions. I think that participating in a forum is part of a solution but only a part.

I just got this app so I don’t know all that it has to offer.

I’m 36. I’ve had sex with only 30-or-so girls, many of whom were relationships/girlfriends. Some I never went soft with, others a few times, and others many. Every time freaks me out & freaks them out. There’s a unique kind of anxiety that presents itself, like a feeling of impending doom. Anyone relate to that?
I must be getting used to it because it phases me less now. But it still phases me.

I’ve never found ‘the solution.’ I thought I’d found it with Viagra. Viagra did wonders for me but it just stopped working… or not.
I’ve found that there’s more to it than an erection. There’s feeling horny too. Nobody addresses that! Consider waking up with morning wood but not feeling horny. Viagra can give me a rock hard boner but not give me that warm, swelling feeling in my balls that makes me wanna cum. The turn on/horny variable is what’s missing in me lately. I’m never horny anymore. I don’t wake up with wood and I don’t have to shift my boner in my pants while driving like I used to. I miss it and it’s freaking me out.
I’m too young for this.

I’ve only ever had sex with girls I’ve just hooked up with and it has never mattered how I did or how they felt. I always drove other there only thinking about doing it with them, but now I have a girlfriend who is the only girl I’ve ever actually cared about and I’m struggling staying hard because I don’t want it to seem like I only want her for sex. Also I get really anxious because it would be her first time and I want to make it as special as it can for her but I get too much in my head and loose my erection. I’ve never had problems until I’ve been with her and I feel like I’m letting her down.

Ya I definitely went through this exact same thing. I ended up getting so worried about it and I was to the point of obsessing on whether I thought I was hard enough during sex for her and come to find out she never even knew I was struggling with This and she was happy & satisfied with every sexual encounter we had, turns out I was just way too hard on myself & I guess I didn’t realize I was still inside of her & was able to thrust in & out of her without it falling out of her or anything which now that I think about it should have been proof enough that I was hard the whole entire time but I was expecting to be so hard that it was painful for me and I was just expecting too much from myself.

This is exactly what my problem is I even managed to overcome it however not without a few embarrassing nights however when I went back to my original partner that I first experienced this with it happened again and since then has been a reoccurring issue

Any pills available?

Exactly this.

I would like to ask if this happened to anybody before. I used to watch porn regularly but then i kind of stopped because i was not really feeling that horny anymore i was busy with other stuff and if i did masturbate it would because of the feeling not because i was horny. My erection was not really proper and firm anymore like it used to be. Then i started to talk to this girl and we went out she is not exactly my type but i still went with it. I felt horny sometimes when I was with her i got boner and everything but then i got chance to have sex with her and I couldn’t get it up and my penis felt numb luckily it was not really akward we just didn’t end up having sex. I am only 16 years old and i dont know if this is normal if it is physical or psychological problem but if any of you guys went through something similar please let me know better yet if u know how to fix it.

I have hit a low trying to overcome my erection issues with my wife. My issues just started about a month ago. My wife is infertile and we’ve been trying to have a baby, rather that it be enjoyable it feels like a chore. I’d try to force it rather it come naturally. Ive tried to gain her support and as understanding as she has been, she verbally stated that she feels unloved, undesirable, and disgusted by me. I truly don’t know how to turn this around.

Was hooking up with someone yesterday. We had amazing sex in the past. But yesterday when we started to get intimate my penis was not reacting. I think of this women as a very attractive women. She encouraged me and in no way tried to emasculate me but I left there feelings terrible. What steps can I take to prevent this in the future? This has happened to me with a couple different partners now.