How was trying stop-start for the first time?

Easily managed to do the 10 minutes. Got close to ejaculation the first time around 7/8 minutes. Continued until nearly 20 minutes. Although this is going really well I am afraid again of sex as usually I can’t control there at all.

This one worked well. Implemented the breathing techniques from earlier which i found helpful as well.

Doesn’t feel right

I was really relaxed, used a lot of lube, went slow and I didn’t even get close to ejaculating…

Was able to notice my point of no return and stop just before it and give myself 15-30 seconds to calm down and then I could go for another 90 seconds or so. My worry is that taking a 15-30 second pause during actual intercourse can be awkward and unfulfilling for my fiance if she’s getting going and enjoying it. Also that we’re removing porn to try to slow down the fast track here but personally I find my woman to be super sexy, I get incredibly aroused by her, I feel like I would need 30 seconds to calm down but that is go right back to point of no return in 10 seconds. I suppose maybe continuous practice will extend that over time. Replies appreciated!


Need to work on it

very challenging

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I’ve done this many times during porn masturbation. But it was interesting and felt better to do without porn and to see how much control I actually have.

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I could do this all day because I’m not getting stimulated by anything. Surely it’d be better to practice with porn no?

Had to give it two goes but found I was waiting more times then not, that being said I made it to 10 and didn’t let myself finish as I think I have always masturbated to cum and not for pleasure, hoping that when I implement everything together I’ll be a lot better off in a few months, determined to get this right.

Could barely get erections… still got to point of no return several times… but had about 80% erection toward end so decided to cum after the 10 min. Meh. I don’t think it is good idea to cum without being fully hard.