Good sex tonight

Been dealing with some premature ejaculation issues which I’ve never had before.

I started feeling it coming on almost immediately into having sex with my partner. I stopped and waited a few times and the sensation went away. She climaxed a few times and I lasted about 10 minutes.

I’m doing a better job getting out of my head and getting more in my body. Big win tonight.


this is great to hear chap. hoping for results like this, any extra tips? keep smashing it.

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Need to hear what worked for you. Would love to make my partner climax multiple times while I last 10+ min.


This is motivating to read. Congrats on the success. I suffer with the same situation, so hoping I can turn this around.

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The stop and start method helped me stop from cumming fast.

Whenever I’d get a negative thought I just focused on something sexy about my partner.

Thanks brother

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For one my partner uses a vibrator on her clit when we have sex, she always has and it makes both of our jobs easier.

In terms of helping the premature ejaculation, the stop and start method helped a lot. If I found myself getting in my head I’d just focus on something I found really sexy about my partner at the time, and that would distract me from being worried about cumming too fast

If I can turn it around anyone can.

And look it may happen to me again, and if it does so be it. I know I can get past it and that’s what I, and everyone else should remember.

I’m really finding most of these issues are mental. Once I have one bad experience after a stressful day, or I’m just not into sex, it’s like I’m starting from square one. But the time it takes to get back to normal gets shorter every time.

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