Prematurely coming

Anyone experienced premature ejaculation? It seems as though if my erection is behaving i then get that excited its working and then don’t last very long. This is frustrating as it just seems like another hurdle . Just wandered if anyone else has had this issue and has any tips to overcome it.?

Kinda envy your problem, we’re trying to conceive and just getting the erection to behave would be nice. That said, what has always helped me in the past if I felt climax was coming too early is simply: 1.) slow down whatever I’m doing at that moment 2.) refocus to breathing and take 2-3 deep breaths - this should cause the “pressure” to lessen but you also don’t want to wait for it to completely go away 3.) shift and restart again with a slightly different rhythm and angle. Repeat again as needed, it takes some practice to get the timing for the slow down period - a bit of trial and error based on number of breaths - and I’ve found at first I could only manage it once or twice but eventually built up to doing it more often to prolong.

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I completely experienced this as I started having more consistent sex post divorce. I found my anxiety played a big role and when I was in a more relaxed mindset I would last longer. @giant-aqua-marsupial gave great advice IMO.

Strangely I also found that doing the pelvic floor stretching and strengthening made a big difference in lasting longer.

After a while I am now not nearly as concerned with rapid ejaculation (Mojo suggested we reframe “premature” and I like that reframing). Between focusing less on performance, strengthening my pelvic floor, and using rest/rhythm when needed it seems to be way less of an issue for me.

Rooting for you bud!

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Yes i have this also. I feel like i go from 0 to 10 with no in between. 0 = trouble getting aroused, but if able to immediately go to 10 = point of no return. Very frustrating.


I totally resonate with that. It feels like I spend so much time not really being aroused because of the constant thought of ‘Am I getting hard yet’ etc. that when I do start to feel something it seems to be the very end stage and I often quickly go over the edge. I think the suggestion of breathing and slowing down is very helpful and I also find that when you’re feeling that point of no return start doing small but deep thrusts. That way you’re continuing the sex for yourself and your partner, but it feels less sensitive for me and easier to control.

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Thanks for the tips, the breathing has definitely worked when experimenting on my own :slight_smile: need to put it into practice. Good luck to you, going forward, I recall spontaneity was good for trying to conceive (many yrs ago). Seemed to take the pressure off a bit.

Yes. I’ve found that masturbating with a Fleshlight helps. I’m not promoting Fleshlights, just suggesting the use of it hours prior to a sexual encounter. Also, tugging on your balls before the ejaculation helps. I’ve also found that hitting it from the side, or spooning delays premature ejaculation.

Hey, I had the same problem. At first I came immediatly when starting penetration. Meanwhile I can last longer. I worked on it some time. Lets connect.

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I used to think about a work problem, I am a software developer so I could come up with a complex scenario to run through my mind. Now I just can’t come at all half the time. It used to be don’t come, don’t come, SHIT



same thing happened to me exactly like 5-6weeks ago. i recommend to start using condoms that have numbing agents. trojan makes pretty decent ones. then once you’re used to having sex again switch to normal condoms

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I had to use condoms b/c I was in an open relationship. Pro tip - to come with a condom on at all, put some lube in it to generate friction

Hi!! I have already attended 3 mojo mediations and I would recommend you. It is a place in which we talk about our feelings (if we want) and we can have an empathetic view about our problems. It seems you have Pe also dude… Come by the mediations! There you will probably find solutions and people to talk to.

I have the opposite issue it seems. I have trouble having an orgasm during sex. Its a feeling of trying to please her so much that I forget about myself. Of course this is not a terrible thing as its pleasing to her to orgam always, but I think it also might bother her at times as well.

I’ve always had this issue, ever since I was a kid. I don’t have any advice, I feel often very inferior hearing of couples that have sex for a long time.

Hmm, doesn’t happen to me very often, but if it’s because I’m too excited (and I’m not worried about loosing my mojo…) I usually take a breather and go down on the girl for a while. You get a needed break and you still keep it enjoyable for her. If I’m not in a mindset to do that I prefer to orgasm too quickly and go down on her afterwards. But for me cumming to quickly is not my largest concern…

I’m giving up any form of masturbation or porn for 2-3 months I’ve suffered from a unique problem which is prone masturbation where you masterbate but rub yourself against a pillow or bed. This desensitizes the penis as it has so much pressure on the penis. After that I want to practice with my girlfriend if she’s still with me. She’s been understanding so far but we’ll see. This does also cause me anxiety because my problem is diffrent to most I want my healthy erections back and I’m doing all the self care I can to overcome it. Is there any advice I know this is on premature ejaculation but there isn’t a thread for this.

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Whenever people put pressure on me to have sex or why im not having sex i feel extreme anxiety. Feels like nobody i know in my community understands or relates. Feel like a constant weight on my shoulders that i will be exposed that i cant perform sometimes. When theres no anciety or worries involved im fine but between my friends and family all i feel is constant anxiety and worries

Wish i could find a women who would be patient with me and not expose my weaknesses but in my enviroment pigs are more likely to fly

All the time. Even ejaculation still soft realizing I’m about to get hard.

Something that always worked for me was to take a break, and by that I mean change position, say she’s on top of you for example and you feel like you’re close to ejaculating, suggest you change positions she lies down on her back and you go on top or whatever, that little pause to change positions always works for me if I want to keep going,