Any premature ejaculation sucdess stories?

Over the last 5 years I’ve started cumming really fast. It feels like I’ve developed a chronically tight pelvic floor, as it twitches under there a lot when I’m getting a boner. I try as much as I can to not busy but it’s only gotten worse! Also started dating my best friend and life partner, so I guess my body is constantly trying to put a baby in her lol :sweat_smile: Either way it’s annoying, and although I’m pretty consistent with getting my girl off in other ways, I know that little bit of disappointment hits when I’m railing her and she’s close but I bust. She’s so sweet about it but I want to get back to dogging her out like how I did when we first met.

So yeah, any success stories? What’s worked and what hasn’t?

If your pelvic floor is overly tight , I would suggest focusing on reverse kegels and leave normal kegels for a while,
The normal squeeze will increase the tension and may of gone to being too tight / over worked

Doing reverse kegels is kind of like a forced relax of the pelvic area and could loosen things up a bit , maybe start with 3 sets of 10 5-7 second reverse kegels, work up to 10 , 10 second over 2/3 weeks , don’t over work it or the spasms could continue

Used to cum in minutes and sometimes seconds, did a lot of work of focusing on the breath, the feelings, trying to be in the moment and not worry about when I’m gonna cum or anything like that - take all the pressure off and if you cum quickly, you just recuperate then try again in a bit. Another thing - when masturbating- try to jerk it without cumming. Just keep a simmering horniness by doing that and feeling where you are on the scale. Don’t be afraid to stop sex when you feel yourself getting close and edge yourself that way too.

I’ve gone from a 2 pump and done guy and could only make my wife orgasm through oral, to having sustained 10+ minute pounding without a problem. Still cum quicker than I want to most of the time but it’s so much better than it was.

How long did it take you to actually improve

Honestly quite quickly. The biggest thing, I think, was focusing on my arousal level during sex and stopping-starting when I felt myself get close. It’s weird to do and does disrupt the flow, but after like 3 times of doing it i started to figure out where my point of no return was and dial up my sensitivity to it (allowing myself to get closer without going over).

That said, still creeps up on me often.