Delayed ejaculation - help or suggestions

Hey team, I seem to be running into different problem than most, as I have delayed ejaculation as opposed to PE. I’ve been off porn for two years, and it has made a huge difference. However, it’s harder for me to cum with my girlfriend than it was to porn as I was pretty deep in to porn for a few years before my current girl.

Unfortunately, sometimes I need to create the old images of porn in my mind to cum quicker. I’m trying to do all the courses and doing a few things to increase libido, and it helps, but wondering if any of you have the same struggle?

If so, what do you do to increase libido when you are with someone and cum quicker, as opposed to the easy two pump chump we all seem to do with porn. Her V is getting sore waiting for me….:joy:

Any similar struggles, suggestions, or tips would be welcome!


In the same boat as you :confused: have no advice but hope someone else does!

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Same trouble here
I often have to finish myself. Any help is welcome.

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I struggle with the same thing and still haven’t found a firm solution.

My partner and I had some mild success with trying to film videos together, and sorry of trick my brain into seeing what I’m seeing as POV style porn.

It helped but I had a lot of body image issues that made other problems for me. Not sure how your body image is for you, but it could help a little

Hope it helps

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EDIT: Sort of trick my brain**