Ejaculating to fast

I ejaculate in under a minute and its been like that my entire life. i started jerking off at a young age and it was always to porn and how fast i would cum, i think from doing that for so many years when i was younger has caused me to have PE my entire life (i am 20 now) and nothing has improved, ive tried everything you can possibly think of and still nothing. I dont know what to do as i dont want my entire life to be like this.


I’m in the exact some position. Nothing seems to help at the moment and I’m struggling to see a way out and it’s hard not to think is this gonna be the rest of my life

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Have you adjusted your jerk off approach now? ie. slowly without porn. I’ve found the mojo sensate work has made jerking off and paying attention to my body a much more enjoyable thing ( you need time and space to jerk
off slowly though) . So much so I don’t feel i need the porn to get going and i really look forward to the next session.

Give it a go and see if it helps perhaps.


I see the same problem where I nut so fast and I’ve also been watching porn for a long time so just slowly getting my self off porn will help?

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Since joining mojo I have realized my porn based jerk off approach was very disconnected - my head was looking at the porn - my dick was doing it’s thing with my hands - but I wasn’t really paying attention to my sensations with any depth at all - it did the job (cummming) but, I have discovered now, rather shallowly not very satisfyingly.

I have just focused on the solo sensate work and how sensual this can be. There are many areas in my body that are arousing I have found and bringing these into my masturbating has transformed the whole thing to the point where I really notice how little I was getting from the porn watching- I haven’t even felt like watching porn and this is after many decades of use.

So I don’t think it’s stopping porn itself - it’s getting in touch with the sensations in the body without distraction - stopping porn without also enhancing your sensitivity to your own body may not do it.

That is just my experience. I have been very surprised by it. So just sharing as an idea for you to consider.



Flirty, be kind to yourself, and enjoy the sensation — do not think about cumming (don’t think about the end result during), Instead, think about how long you last in bed and getting better at it. Put down the porn for good and take it slow (with yourself or your partner and enjoy). The past is in the past and you are stronger and longer lasting. May also try desensitizing lotions. Then try different positions. PE is also in the head. If you think it, it will happen (the good or the bad).

You’re good!


Absolutely nothing is forever …. “this too shall pass” and all that is totally true! You are not alone and can take steps to move in a direction you want - mojo maybe one of those.

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I think a few things helped me when I was experiencing that at your age:

  1. if you’re having sex with a new person, tell them that this is something that happens to you. It’s scary to admit but sometimes it helps take some of the edge off when it’s out in the open
  2. if you’re anticipating having sex that night, masturbate a few hours before
  3. it will pass. Once you find a regular sexual partner and get more experienced it becomes less frequent.

I’m experiencing the same issue, mine has only truly surfaced once i acquired a new partner. She is absolutely AMAZING and I can satisfy her orally but after my first initial experience was truly disappointing from premature ejaculation.
She works with me to help me feel better but I can’t get out of my head