Ejaculating too quickly (need solution)

Hi I’m 25 and I have always had this issue. I always get hard right away and just time to penetrate I would cum right away like i dont have any control over it. This happens to me even when I’m masturbating mostly. Never been more then 2 minutes in my life. I have tried start stop method multiple time it doesn’t help, also tried pelvic floor exercise to hold and release. I haven’t tried MOJO if anyone has solution I’m all ears. Thank you for reading.


I have a similar problem. If someone can help with this it would be much appreciated

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I’m similar. I don’t really get a lot of sensation build up. So it kind of feels like not a lot, verging on almost nothing and then all of a sudden, there’s a burst of sensation and I’ve ejaculated, and it’s rarely more than 30s. I’ve got around this by working on foreplay longer, or going back to that stuff to finish her off after I’ve cum, but it would be much nicer if I could go for longer. The fact that I don’t get a lot of feeling until ejaculation also put my last partner off as well as I never really made much noise when having sex (because there wasn’t a lot of feeling to make noise about) which she struggled with a bit because she didn’t know if I was actually enjoying it.

I’m 54 and single and I have the same problem But I will tell you that my penis is not worth having.

Please help