Climaxing way too early!

I’ve been struggling with PE almost my entire sex life, now it’s kind of imprinted into my mind that it’ll definitely happen the next time i’ll have sex. I’ve turned so many people down because I was afraid that’ll I cum too fast and it’ll be embarrassing.

Lately it got even worse, as soon as I get touched, and get into foreplay i’ll get this very intense sensation in my penis and i’ll be just seconds away from cumming. Which makes me always stop midway and break the whole act.

Can I get any advice on how to get rid of that? or what am I doing wrong? I’ve been doing Kegels & everything. But as soon as I touch my penis i’ll be ready to ejaculate, even on my own. Like a long masturbating session would be 3-5 minutes max.


Work on edging is my advice. While edging, I’ll get as close as possible to orgasm, then stop touching and kegel like crazy. I’ll often still ejaculate a small amount, but I stay hard and want to continue to a full ejaculatory orgasm. However, it knocks my level of sensitivity down a good bit.


Also try and practice relaxing your buttocks and thighs - this takes practice as we often don’t realise how much we are tensing. Men and womens’ bodies have to tense before climax, so if you can train your to stay relaxed for longer this will help. Also Mojo has some great Penis Root Massage techniques which can be very helpful. You will begin to notice lasting longer. Good luck : )

That’s very interesting to hear. You can ask your family doctor to prescribe you viagra as it will delay your ejaculation. Worth trying.

Same here brother. I’ve tried everything, but I just cannot control my ejaculation. The most simply touch or kiss and it’s ready to go. It’s already cost me two relationships, and I feel completely helpless. Don’t know what to do or where to turn. Heartbreaking

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