PE Premature ejacuation

Hey Guys,

I always cum too fast even sometimes in forplay and after i cum the first time, i am not so excited as much. Its been for ever like this.
Any tips? I


I’m on the app for similar reasons, and curious what others will say about this. Here’s what I do in the situation that I bust to soon. I typically focus on my partners pleasure until I’m ready to go again. Not a perfect method, but after a bit I’m good to go and didn’t have to cut the experience short. I’ll admit some days this works better then others.


It happens to me too, I cum too early and even during foreplay in BJ. After that I need some time to recover and even then is hard to get an erection again, some times I got one and had great sex afterwards even cum a 2nd time.

I started edging exercises but i cannot control PE yet. I always used to masrurbate quickly and did it almost in a mechanical way, that got me used to cum too early and without recognizing my arousal levels.

Try edging exercises and masturbate until you feel you wanna cum and stop for a second and continue a few more times. The idea is to recognize the moment prior to cum and hold it, change positions during sex or take a break, inhake exhale and continue.


I’m in the same boat here. I’ve never really tried edging. Came on here to see if this helps PE or not… have any luck yet?

Yeah I tend to do better in the next rounds. If I’m drunk it’s never really an issue tho and I wonder if that’s a mental or physical thing