Less then one minute

Idk what to do, im masterbating and don’t feel pleasure, but less then a minute I start to feel the pleasure build and I have to stop, pleasure ends right away and I have to wait like 30 seconds just to get maybe 15 20 seconds of non pleasure before it happens again, the build up starts and finishes 5 seconds and ejaculation is OK at best, not worth it, plus I’m just depressed after, I can’t even edge, ive tried relaxing my pelvic floor muscle cause it does pulse with every stroke, im more relaxed if I don’t include my head, ive also tried controlling my pleasure with my mind which sounds funny, no progress there, ive tried timing my muscle with orgasim and only once not it right which did give me back more time then it took to hold back ejaculation, not really sure what to do, or if I should give up sex, finding a girlfriend, and all that follows, I don’t mind being alone, anyone here see improvement with MOJO?

Do the strengthening exercises and the psychological training exercises. It’s all interlinked Brother. If you can’t orgasm then the kegel muscle is too tight or too weak as a weak muscle neurologically tightens up. So it will relax after being strengthened. And you need to strengthen your “Reverse” kegel muscle to increase orgasm.

Start reducing sugar out of your diet.
More fats and protein. Complex carbohydrates. Meditate everyday. If your easily ramped up with quick excitement and can’t control your edging, your in Fight or flight not feed or Breed mode. Get that Para sympathetic state mastered and the rest will follow. Don’t give up!

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Same boat dude I’ve been at MOJO for two months now and not seeing much improvement. The head of my dick is just so god damn sensitive feels like I think there is some psychological stuff going on to but even when I’m really relaxed I reach the PONR super fast. I think I’m just going to bite the bullet and talk to my doc about it. As far as the girlfriend things goes….dude I’ve had plenty of gf’s with this and I’m now married with two kids, the whole sex thing is a thing my wife and I are always working on but there is other ways to have fun in the bedroom that don’t involve you cumming or not cumming. Don’t treat this like it’s something that means you will be alone forever just be open and honest with your partners and make sure you are taking care of them in other ways. This isn’t a reason to not be with someone for most decent women and if it is then you don’t want to be with that type of girl anyways.

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